Siblings who captivated celebrities with a 30-second cover video ‘A kind of possessiveness’

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In the era of content flooding, it isn’t easy to get attention. However, some siblings have caught the attention of celebrities as well as the general public. 30-second video. It is also about widespread and widespread K-pop.

Creator Sengkang (real name Lee Kang-bin, 22), who covers K-pop dances on TikTok and YouTube, has 300,000 followers. Even though he is not a colossal YouTuber, he receives love calls from stars. The secret is that it is different from a regular cover video that follows a dance. Their primary specialties are each idol’s unique ‘detailed expression’ and ‘camera moving like a real stage.’ Sengkang imitates the fatal expressions and gaze processing of the singers. In February of this year, after being contacted by singer Hyuna’s agency, she filmed a dance collaboration video for the song ‘I’m Not Cool’ and uploaded it on social media to a great response. Afterward, he worked with ITZY, WJSN, Oh My Girl, From Nine, MONSTA X, and Jeon Somi.

Sengkang, who met with the Dong-A Ilbo, said, “I’ve been watching all music shows since elementary school, and I didn’t have a camera, but dancing was my daily life.” When Mother’s Day approached, he would show off his chess with his younger brother Jin Jeol-mi (real name Lee Seul-bin, 20) in the living room. Then, the video was filmed at the recommendation of her mother, Jeong Soon-eun (46). Jung cheered, saying, “If you have any talent, there are good ways to express yourself, such as TikTok and YouTube, so give it a try.” The siblings put it into practice. Sengkang said, “Whenever there is a new K-pop song coming out, I saw a challenge boom that involves performing a specific dance mission, and I thought, ‘What I do best is a dance cover,’ so I tried it.”

The video that started like that contains all the elements that symbolize K-Pop. It even includes lip sync that is not found in other videos. Sengkang said, “The cover should be the same. A kind of possessiveness.” In addition to this, what makes the taste of the video alive is the filming skills of Jinjeolmi. The dance video features are 360-degree rotation, close-up shots, and camera movement that is reminiscent of an actual music broadcast. This was filmed in one take without editing by Jinjeolmi using her mobile phone. Jin Jeol-mi said, “I didn’t major in film. I’ve been watching a lot of music videos, so I can’t tolerate boring videos myself.”

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