K-pop concert postponed due to corona upgrade.

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Meetings with K-pop stars have been postponed again.

The Tokyo Olympic National Team cheering ‘K-Pop Concert’, which was scheduled to be held on the 6th and 7th, has been postponed to August 28th and 29th due to the 4th stage of quarantine. According to the schedule change, it was decided to support the 16th Tokyo Paralympic Games (August 24 – September 5).

The organizer, Red Angel Jaehyun Park, said, “The nature of the online concert meant that there would be no major problems with quarantine, and we tried to proceed, but we accepted the advice of local governments and officials that we should do our best to ensure the safety of the on-site cheering squad and K-pop singers who are the cast members, so the postponement was inevitably delayed. I had no choice but to do. I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise to the fans,” he said.

He explained the new concept, “As this is a performance that will be held three weeks after the closing of the Tokyo Olympics, I am planning to send a message to thank the athletes for their hard work for the Republic of Korea rather than cheering; to encourage propaganda.”

Meanwhile, due to the postponement of the schedule, there will be some changes to the K-pop singer lineup.

The lineup that was finally revealed on the 19th of last month was ‘BTOB,’ ‘YUGYEOM,’ ‘ONF,’ ‘MCND,’ ‘Wow! (woo!ah!)’ ‘STAYC’ ‘MONSTA X’ ‘ONEUS’ ‘CIX’ ‘Hong Eunki’ ‘WEi’ There are a total of 13 teams with ‘CRAVITY’ and ‘PURPLE KISS.’

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