On the 31st, the first episode of ‘Queendom 2’, Bvgirl Hyorin’s six girl groups, was released

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K-POP Global Girl Group Comeback Daejeon Mnet’s six girl groups who cast their votes for ‘Queendom 2’ released CheckMate videos through its official SNS channel. Checkmate is a slogan that warns that you will catch the king in chess. This video conveys the determination to show excellent performance in ‘Queendom 2’ by making full use of the charms of each of the six girl groups.

The Brave Girls, who picked the friendliness like the neighbours next door, said, “I think they are one of the most attractive teams, but I don’t think they have shown much charm yet.” he expressed his resolve.

BVG, a veteran rookie girl group with an entire career that announced a successful new start as a three-member member of the national girl group ‘Girlfriend’, revealed that the strengths are the ten years of solid teamwork and eight years of experience equipped with the spirit of a rookie. I will show off a stage with no regrets by showing off my heart,” he said confidently.

Cosmic Girls, who decided to appear in ‘Queendom 2’, said, “The strength of WJSN is that the range of concepts that can be digested is wide because the overall balance of the members, such as vocals and performances, is good.” I will show you an excellent stage through the show.”

LOOΠΔ, who is preparing for ‘Queendom 2’ with the feeling of making her debut again, said, “As there are evaluations that the group has a good performance, I am very confident in this part. Besides, I think the strength is that many members have versatile charms in the team, such as vocals and talents.”

Kepler, who is drawing attention for his ‘monster rookie’-like step by winning first place on music shows at the same time as his debut in the music industry, said, “The powerful and bright energy of the nine members with various charms is our group’s strength. Please look forward to it a lot.”

Hyorin, who showed a somewhat excited expectation that it would be a fun time and a good experience, said, “I am greedy to show various stages that are not limited to genres. I am sure that I will be able to show the stage,” he said.

On the other hand, ‘Queendom 2’ is a survival program in which the six best idol teams in K-pop release singles simultaneously and enter a comeback competition.

Starting with ‘Queendom’ in 2019, ‘Road to Kingdom’ and ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ has made a massive music industry sensation. It was well-received for its large-scale performance, considered one of the best in history, a collaboration between artists, and the release of music that captivated the global public.

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