These 5 K-Pop UpBeat Songs Mean It’s Deep!

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Jakarta -Korean songs are synonymous with upbeat melodies that sometimes make us dance when we hear them. However, not all Korean songs with a positive tone have a happy meaning.

Sometimes K-Pop idols also choose cheerful melodies to express emotions or convey specific messages that make the song have such a deep meaning.


The song that made BLACKPINK’s name skyrocketed can indeed make us dance when we hear it. But who would have thought that this song with a powerful EDM music style has a profound meaning?

Jennie Cs made the song DDU-DU DDU-DU to give a message to women to be more resilient, brave, and confident to appear as they are without imagery.

  1. Celebrity – IU

IU’s song, which was released in January 2021, does have a cheerful melody. But it turns out that IU wants to convey a most resounding message to her fans through this song.

The song Celebrity is IU’s way of motivating fans to accept themselves with all their uniqueness. Although others underestimate that uniqueness, uniqueness makes us able to be ourselves and not care about other people’s judgments of us.

  1. Runaway – TXT

TXT’s Runaway song does have an upbeat melody. But the true meaning of Runaway is inversely proportional to the tune and the dance that looks so energetic.

Runaway tells the story of feelings of loneliness and emptiness that have been hidden for a long time alone. Even though we have done fun things to find happiness, we can still feel that empty feeling.

  1. What is Love? – TWICE

TWICE is indeed an expert in disguising meaningful messages through their songs with cheerful melodies, one of which is the song What is Love?. It has an upbeat tune; indeed, we think this song is about what true love means.

But it turns out that the meaning of What is Love? Very synonymous with loneliness, lo. TWICE’s dance and cheerful demeanor when singing this song has succeeded in making us fool when we hear it.

  1. Congratulations – DAY6

Not a few people are deceived when listening to the song Congratulations. Indeed, this song has an upbeat melody from the band’s musical accompaniment. However, the meaning of this song is not as pleasant as the melody.

On the other hand, Congratulations is a heartbreak song that a man feels because his lover has dumped him. DAY6 chose the word ‘Congratulations’ as a form of satire for the ex for having managed to find someone better than him.

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