‘What do you have? Their dormitory’ K-pop idol ‘D-Crunch’ tour of the dormitory

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The idol D-Crunch, who is about to make a comeback with the 3rd single, ‘Addiction,’ unveiled the dormitory where the members live and actively communicated with fans.

Currently, six members live together in the dormitory, and it captures the appearance of communal life such as cleaning, individual practice, meals, and laundry.

In addition, they check the communication with the members, practice for the day, etc., have a reflection meeting every Friday, and set rules by themselves.

Regarding this, the members said, “When we live together, there are sometimes minor problems, but there were no problems because we think of each other for a common goal.”

When you look at the D-Crunch members, you can feel the friendship from the minor conversations to the appearance of caring for each other.

When asked what the best thing about living together was, he said, “I don’t feel bored because we always talk a lot” and “And we exchange opinions and give advice about each other’s singing ability check and dance practice video that happened that day.”.

On the other hand, the tricky thing about living together is, “The time to go to the bathroom is almost the same, so it’s a bit….’ He said with a laugh.

Every idol singer has a dream. They are being loved by the public and performing on a splendid stage. D-Crunch will also have the same goal.

“Of course, it is blissful to be active as a singer who is loved and recognized by many people on a splendid stage. But before that, to show the work that I worked hard with the members, I have been keeping the moments of the process in my heart, and I think the stage is the place to show the results. The stage where our D-Crunch will show the fruits of our hard work for these moments is so meaningful and heart-wrenching.”

During the interview, the members did not hesitate to give thanks, encouragement, and praise to each other. Even the viewers were happy. I asked him what the relationship was actually like.

“We’ve been together for a quarter of our lives, and if it feels like family, or even like a brother, you’re right. But since they are partners moving towards a common goal, the public and private are divided. That is why we treat them like brothers or friends, and on a business level, we make comments and make corrections together, such as dancing and singing. Because there is nothing more than practice for us to improve.”

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