NCT DREAM, K-Pop Report Artist No. 1

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On the 13th, Hanteo Global analyzed the case of NCT DREAM as the sixth series of the ‘Hanteo Global K-Pop Report.’

Through the first series of ‘Hanteo Global K-Pop Report,’ NCT DREAM has been selected as the No. NCT DREAM received excellent results in six categories, including △ album △ sound source △ media/broadcast △ social △ portal △ global fandom, and took first place.

In particular, in this report, NCT DREAM drew attention by highlighting the growth rate and aspect of the artist through the indicators for each album released so far.

The report highly evaluated that NCT DREAM’s comeback cycle was longer than the average comeback cycle of other artists but showed growth with each album. This was diagnosed because NCT DREAM has a system, operating method, and concept different from other artists.

Next, he mentioned that NCT DREAM is showing extraordinary growth in physical album sales. It turns out that they have maintained more than doubled growth every time they release an album for the past two years. Both Initial Chodong sales and cumulative sales, which are essential indicators that can judge the size of the fandom, have established themselves as a trend with overwhelming growth and records.

According to global indicators, it was analyzed that NCT DREAM’s fan firepower is gathering around Asia, Europe, and the Americas. In particular, the passionate support and fan activities of Southeast Asian fandoms such as Malaysia and Thailand acted as a reason for NCT DREAM to set an extraordinary record.

In addition, the album that the global fandom loved the most was named ‘Hot Sauce,’ which was recently released. It has set career highs in physical albums and music scores, and music video views. It is predicted that the future growth potential will be weighted by achieving overwhelming results in Hanteo Chart’s global chart certification index.

Meanwhile, ‘Hanteo Global K-Pop Report’ is a report that will be released for the first time this year by Hanteo Global, which operates global K-pop-related services such as Hanteo Chart and Whosfan. It was created to analyze K-pop trends and directions.

The previous report consisted of the settlement of the first half of 2021. From this report, we plan to illuminate the trends and phenomena of K-pop in general, including case analysis by artists, from various themes and angles.

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