ONF, No.1 iTunes Worldwide Album Chart in 15 Regions Worldwide

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‘Famous restaurant’ ONF is standing out in the global charts.

ONF’s summer pop-up album ‘Popping’ topped the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart in 15 countries and regions worldwide, including the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Russia on the 10th.

In addition, it topped the charts in various regions such as Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, and Vietnam on the same chart. In addition, it was ranked at the top of the iTunes Top Albums chart in a total of 17 countries and regions, including Singapore, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Mexico.

In addition, the title song ‘POPPING’ also entered the top spot in 8 countries and regions, including No. 1 in Hong Kong on the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart. The K-Pop Song Chart also attracts worldwide attention, ranking at the top in 7 countries and regions.

Immediately after the release of the album and music video on the 9th, it topped the charts on major domestic music sites and continues the fever of a comeback by listing on domestic Twitter real-time trends and videos that are rapidly rising in popularity.

ONF’s new song ‘POPPING’ is a K-pop reinterpretation of the funky disco genre and was written and composed by Monotree’s producer Hwang Hyun, who has been working with him since his debut. The first summer song captures the refreshing summer of ‘You and I’ with a fantastic voice and energy like ONF’s carbonated drinks.

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