Snaptag ‘Lab Code’, MOU with Floy for a new paradigm for K-pop goods

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Image data engine startup Snaptag (CEO Min Kyung-woong) announced on the 7th that it had signed an MOU with Floy (CEO Lee Geun-Cheol), a fandom design sourcing commerce company, to vitalize and strengthen the K-POP fandom.

Floy is a company that operates ‘It’s a Fan’, a store that sells goods made by K-pop fans. It helps close communication between fans and artists. The goods consist of contents created by designers and fans, such as clothes, bags, and accessories.

SnapTag is a company that has ‘Lab Code’, a digital information engine that is invisible to the naked eye. It has a method of generating and extracting image pixel values ​​that have been minutely converted into product packaging and images as an encrypted code. All images and objects can be converted into data.

With this agreement, SnapTag plans to apply the wrapped code to significant products such as clothing and fan art sold by Faniya. For example, fan art with rap code can be scanned with a smartphone to increase the value of goods by moving to the author’s source, and warranty page—links to the artist’s other fan art purchase link pages to induce purchases of other products. In addition, it is possible to connect to online purchases by inserting the lab code into printing, such as logos and pictures published on clothing. Its strength is that it can also grasp artist information.

In particular, with this agreement, SnapTag plans to collaborate with Floy and K-pop idol group ‘ONEUS’ using rap codes. SnapTag will apply the rap code to Oneus’ goods products and plan to expand its work on other artist goods in the future.

Myung-hwan Kim, head of SnapTag’s business, said, “As the COVID-19 continues, the opportunity to directly communicate with artists.” He added, “Based on the rap code, we will plan a variety of merchandise marketing and lead a new fandom culture.”

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