Pearl Abyss ‘Goblin’ captures K-pop fan hearts at ‘MAMA.’

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The music video for ‘ROCKSTAR,’ the official theme song of Pearl Abyss (CEO Jeong Kyung-in)’s new ‘DokeV,’ will be held at the ‘2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’ on the 11th. It is expected to captivate global fans with ‘K-pop’ rather than games.

MAMA is the best K-Pop music awards ceremony hosted by CJ ENM and is participated by artists worldwide every year. This is the first time that game content has been presented at MAMA.

Pearl Abyss first released the Goblin music video at the American game awards ceremony ‘The Game Awards (TGA)’ on the same day. It contains the process of the main character and his friends practicing choreography to the music of a rock star until they stand on stage.

‘Rockstar,’ the theme song for ‘Goblin,’ is a song in which ‘War of Stars *(GALACTICA *),’ composed ‘Dalla Dala’ of the famous girl group ‘ITZY,’ participated. It was well-received for its addictive music unique to K-pop. When the play video was released at the European game exhibition ‘Gamescom’ in August, many favorable reviews for the music were received.

For this music video, Lia Kim of the world-class dance crew ‘One Million’ participated as the performance director, and Minny Park and Dohee Kim took charge of the choreography. The trendy and addictive point choreography added to K-pop music drew attention. Pearl Abyss has applied the choreography of One Million Crew with motion capture technology for realistic production.

One million CEO and chief choreographer Lia Kim said, “I am happy to participate in the Goblin project with realistic backgrounds and lively characters.

Pearl Abyss will partner with CJ and conduct joint marketing with CJ CGV, CJ ENM (Mnet), and CJ Olive Young.
From the 11th, 144 CGV theaters will show the Goblin music video during the commercials before the movie screening. You can also watch the Mnet cable TV music video program. You can enjoy the Goblin music video and sound source at over 1,250 Olive Young stores nationwide.

‘2021 MAMA’ will be broadcast live on various channels worldwide, such as Mnet, Tving, and YouTube, on December 11th at 6 pm Korean time.

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