BTS Jin, 1st in KDOL Weekly Ranking in Global Popularity Poll ‘King Seokjin.’

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BTS Jin showed off his presence by boasting the most votes in the weekly ranking on the global K-pop popularity voting app ‘K-Dol’.

In 2022, in the 13th week of 2022, Jin received the most hearts and achieved an excellent record, ranking first in the week, proving his global popularity.

From March 28 to April 3, Jin received 364,653,791 hearts and climbed to the top of the rankings, taking the most weekly votes and achieving the K-Dol record.

In addition to weekly records, Jin took first place in the rankings in March, setting 33519,404 daily records and 518,13291 monthly records.

Jin is captivating fans at home and abroad with his sweet voice, fantastic mask, unrivalled physical ability, and unique charm that anyone can’t help but fall in love with.

Global K-pop idol popularity chart app KDOL reflects 100% of user votes from domestic and foreign countries such as the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea in the ranking, resets it every day at midnight Korean time, and ranks daily, weekly. Monthly with cumulative votes to decide. Through this, you can check the popularity of K-pop idols in real-time.

Jin, who took first place in the monthly ranking with the active support of global fans, is running CM lighting advertisements at two subway stations in Seoul. Ad design is selected through fan application and released through K-dol’s official Twitter.

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