Seoul Hoseojejeon Practical Music-Music Production-Entertainment Department Graduation Performance Success

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Seoul Hoseo Arts and Practical College (hereafter, Seoul Hoseo Yejeon), located in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, held a joint graduation performance on the 15th by students from the practical music arts and music production and entertainment departments.

In preparation for the risk of the spread of COVID-19, Seoul Hoseo Yejeon held the event in a state of strict observance of quarantine rules, such as temperature checks and disinfection of the concert hall microphones before performances, wearing masks for all spectators, and sitting apart from the audience. In addition, it was also accompanied by live streaming on YouTube.

This graduation performance is a joint graduation performance made with the strength of the students as it is conducted by students from the practical music arts and music production fields.

Twenty-one teams participated in the stage, providing a venue to showcase various ballads, acoustic, rap, hip-hop, and K-pop.

Meanwhile, in the Seoul Hoseo Arts Department and Music Production Department, students participate in record work and performances during the semester together. We are nurturing strong talent.

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