‘Hit Song,’ Hong Kong’s ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ also fell in love with the original K-pop?

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‘Twentieth Century Hit Song’ introduces the domestic legend hit songs adapted from overseas.

KBS Joy ‘Twentieth Century Hit Song,’ which is aired at 8 pm on the 6th, is ‘Ah! This song?! We visit viewers with the theme of ‘our song hit song adapted from abroad.’ The emergence of global songs that have conquered Korea and have advanced overseas.

‘Hit Song’ MCs Kim Hee-Cheol and Kim Min-ah, the more the ‘Our Song Hit Song adapted from overseas’ is released, the more pride in Korea rises. At the same time, when a song that even received controversy over plagiarism came out, he expressed surprise by saying, “There are too many songs that break expectations.”

In addition, Kim Hee-chul gave a series of exclamations after seeing an overseas adaptation of ‘Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings.’ On the other hand, it is said that Min-ah Kim saw ‘Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings’ and made laughter by embarrassment to Kim Hee-Cheol with erratic answers such as hangover cures and ‘hair and hair.’

The songs that the world-famous musicians were missing also catch the eye. In particular, along with Korean reggae music adapted by a reggae master, a tribute song for the late Kim Hyun-sik presents an emotional feeling.

In addition, in ‘Hit Song,’ the ‘Extra Chart’, an adaptation of a foreign song in Korea, is also released. Along with the song that started with a wonderful relationship, people are curious about the original version that even Kim Hee-Cheol of ‘Heeki Encyclopedia’ could not match.

‘Oh! this song?! You can check the broadcast of ‘Our Song Hit Song,’ adapted overseas, on KBS Joy’s ‘Hit Song’ at 8 pm on the 6th.

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