‘Trot Princess’ Oh Yu-jin, ‘Afterschool excitement’ support. Idol Challenge

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‘Trot Princess’ Oh Yu-jin, ‘Afterschool excitement’ support Idol Challenge.

‘Trot Princess’ Oh Yu-jin challenges idols with ‘Afterschool excitement.’

This time, Yoojin Oh will take on a new challenge towards a global idol with ‘After School Thrill.’ Oh, Yu-jin was called a trot prodigy in KBS2’s ‘Trot National Sports Festival,’ which aired last year, and took the bronze medal. In particular, he captivated the public with his various charms, such as singing and playing the saxophone.

Oh, Yu-jin, acting like this, will challenge the ‘Global Girl Group’ audition this time and present another charm. ‘After School Excitement’ is a global girl group project that MBC and PD Han Dong-Cheol work hand in hand with.

In particular, ‘After School Excitement’ drew high expectations as it was said that it would captivate domestic and overseas K-pop (K-pop) fans. In addition to trot, Yoojin Oh personally submitted application documents to challenge various genres of music.

Through ‘After School Thrill,’ Oh Yu-jin is immersed in various genres such as K-pop music the following trot, and anticipation is on the new appearance that he will show to the public.

On the other hand, ‘After School Flutter’ is scheduled to be aired for the first time on MBC in November, following the release of ‘Before School Thrill,’ a prequel in September.

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