Starflex VR hosts the 1st K-POP 3D VR concert ‘K-POP DREAM with Starflex-VR’

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StarflexVR Co., Ltd. will present the K-POP 3D VR concert ‘K-POP DREAM with Starflex-VR’ in March.

‘K-Pop Dream With Star Flex VR’, which is about to be held for the first time, is a K-POP VR concert hosted by Star Flex VR in collaboration with JWK Entertainment and sponsored by Korea Entertainment Producers Association (KEPA), six times a year. It was announced that it would be held as a regular non-face-to-face concert.

It will contain performances, concert movies, talk shows, etc., of K-pop idols, loved by people worldwide and held non-face-to-face at Starflex VR’s studio in Gimpo.

Starflex VR, which possesses stereo 3D VR content production technology, plans to present high-quality VR content to global fans through this concert and to make it possible to feel the realism of offline performances vividly in the homeroom.

‘K-Pop Dream with Starflex VR’ can be found on the 3D VR platform ‘Starflex-VR’.

This platform launched a beta service on Steam in January, and you can watch concert videos of top K-pop idols such as BTS, Seventeen, and Lim Young-woong at the 2021 TMA The Fact Music Awards. In addition, TXT, Rolling Quartz, Pink Fantasy, etc. You can directly experience positive images and music videos of many artists, including many artists.

In addition, the beta service will soon be opened on the Google Play Store for Android users, and it will be available through the Oculus Quest Store and Apple App Store in the future.

Seungsang On, CEO of StarflexVR Co., Ltd., said, “The 3D VR concert that can compensate for the feeling of realism will open a new horizon for K-POP online performances. We will create high-quality content for domestic and foreign fans who are waiting for it.”

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