K-pop has generated 7.5 billion tweets in the past year break a new record.

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Twitter announced on the 30th that there were 7.5 billion K-pop-related tweets on Twitter around the world in one year from July last year to June.

Following the 6.1 billion tweets in the same period last year, Twitter evaluated that it once again broke a new record, proving the unstoppable popularity of global K-pop.

Twitter also analyzed the 7.5 billion K-pop tweets that occurred over the past year and analyzed various released figures.

In the past year, the countries with the most K-pop-related tweets (based on the number of tweets) were confirmed in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, and the United States.

In addition, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, India, Argentina, Peru, the UK, Vietnam, Turkey, France, Chile, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, etc., were included in the TOP 20 countries and K-POP from Asia to North and South America and Europe. can see the global influence of

The countries with the most users (Unique authors) posting K-POP-related tweets were Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Korea, and the United States in that order. In addition, various countries such as Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, India, UK, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, etc., were listed in the TOP 20. During this counting period, Peru and Colombia entered the top 20 with a significant increase in users chatting about K-pop on Twitter.

Twitter also revealed the ranking of the artists that more global K-pop fans like. BTS was the most mentioned K-pop artist in the world. Following BTS, NCT, BLACKPINK, EXO, TREASURE, Tomorrow X Together, N-Hyphen, GOT7, TWICE, and Seventeen were named in the TOP10.

Treasure, which has been actively communicating with global fans through Twitter, such as holding a Twitter Blue Room live four times in six months since their debut in August last year, has steadily increased their global mentions and ranked in the TOP5 the first time. N-Hyphen, which debuted at the end of November last year, also ranked 7th, proving its global popularity.

In addition, ATEEZ, Stray Kids, The Boyz, Red Velvet, MONSTA X, iKON, IZone, DAY6, ASTRO, and SHINee were confirmed as the TOP 20.

Kim Yeon-Jung, managing director of Twitter Global K-Pop & K-Contents Partnership, said, “Over the past year, the performances of 3rd-generation artists such as BTS, NCT, and Blackpink have been outstanding, while the 2nd generation such as 2 PM and SHINee are returning, Treasure, Tomorrow by Together, As the fourth generation, such as N-Hyphen, continues to advance, interest in K-POP is increasing on Twitter around the world.” He said, “The growth of #KpopTwitter is thanks to the global K-POP fandom.

He continued, “As offline performances, world tours, and fan meetings have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in live content such as ‘Twitter Blue Room’ and ‘Space’ has increased. We plan to provide exclusive content and new features.”

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