‘Thailand’s representative star’ Mu Sufacet scramble for ‘Simply K-Pop Contour.’

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Thailand’s representative artist, mew suppasit, will appear on Arirang TV’s ‘SIMPLY K-POP CON-TOUR!’.

Mu Sufacet, an actor and producer, is an all-around entertainer and a global artist loved in Thailand and many foreign countries. With his first full-length album ‘365’ (Three Six Five), released in 2021, he became the first Thai singer to set a new record in which five songs were ranked in the top 10 of the ‘Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. Mu Sufacet is a global star who boasts a vast fandom even in Korea.

Mu Sufacet, who will appear on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ Thailand live broadcast at 7 pm on the 25th, will perform ‘FOREVER LOVE’ on a particular stage with a special interview. ‘Forever Love,’ the third global collaboration song released by Mu Sufacet, is a summer song created in collaboration with Korean singer Bumkey. With the news that this is the world’s first stage to be performed in Korea, global fans are pouring in their eager anticipation.

After appearing as Thailand’s representative at the Asian Song Festival in 2021, Mu Sufacet established a relationship with Korea by releasing a collaboration album with Korean singer Sam Kim. In particular, in May of last year, ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ in Thailand appeared non-face-to-face due to the corona situation. Still, after the broadcast, news of the appearance was reported in a local Thai newspaper, and the real-time search terms on Twitter were ranked No.

During the last non-face-to-face interview, Mu Sufacet, who conveyed his wish to meet Korean fans in person, did not forget his relationship with ‘Simply K-Pop Contour’ and gladly decided to appear for Korean fans despite his busy schedule between Thailand, Korea, and the United States. He showed extraordinary devotion. In particular, in this program that visits K-pop fans by country every time, the 25th is the day to meet Thai fans, so it is said that they showed particular interest.

Mu Sufacet is also gaining popularity in Korea. In addition to being the first Thai artist to have advertisements published in Korean magazines and on billboards at subway stations, various billboard advertisement events such as CGV Cinema and COEX Underworld Panorama will be held to commemorate this visit to Korea and the singer’s 2nd anniversary. In particular, when he came to Korea through Incheon International Airport in early July, fans who welcomed Mu Sufacet’s visit started gathering from dawn to become a hot topic.

The Thailand edition of ‘Simply K-Pop Contour,’ where you can meet Mu Sufacet’s particular life stage, will be broadcast on the YouTube channel ‘ARIRANG K-POP’ at 7 pm on the 25th. As a TV broadcast, you can meet on Arirang TV on Friday, the 29th, and Friday, August 5 at 1 pm.

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