Pohang City, Held a Lecture Concert. Lecture on the topic of ‘K-POP Occupying the World’

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Korean Journal of Social Welfare, Korea Social Welfare Journal On the 28th, at 7 pm, Pohang City hosted a famous music critic Park Seong-geon, author of ‘K-Pop Humanities,’ under the theme of ‘K-POP Occupied the World’ at Oulmaru on the 1st floor of Poeun Central Library. He invited them to run a lecture concert.

The ‘2022 Lecture Concert’ will be held in the form of a book concert with lectures and music performances by experts on the topic of the recently popular Korean culture craze. The version was performed by the Eum Ensemble (piano Hye-Seong Shin, violin Ye-jin Kim, cello Shin-Seong Kim, drums Lee Uteum), and they will perform four songs from the lecture.

Instructor Park Seong-gun is a famous music critic who studies songs and pop, appearing on KBS1 radio ‘Radio Magazine Weekend,’ KBS3 radio ‘Kang Won-Rae’s Song Gift,’ KBS Daejeon FM ‘Music Run,’ TBN Busan Transportation Broadcasting ‘Cha Cha Cha,’ etc. He is also a member of the Research Fellow of the Korea Popular Music Research Institute and an advisory member of the Korea Popular Music Museum.

His notable books include ‘Park Seong-Gun’s One-Page Pop Concert,’ ‘THE DANCE: 100 Years of Korean Dance Music’, ‘K-Pop Humanities,’ ‘Successful Music,’ ‘Rediscovery of Korean Jazz Album,’ ‘100 Years of Korean Jazz’ etc.

Details of this event can be found on the website of the Pohang City Library, and pre-registration can be done on the website ‘Culture Event Application.’

A Pohang city official said, “I hope this lecture concert will serve as an opportunity to learn more about the Hallyu and K-pop craze that is leading the global trend.

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