‘Simply K-Pop’ Kang Seung-yeon’s refreshing performance stands out.

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Kang Seung-Yeon, the next-generation trot goddess who will lead ‘K-Trot,’ showed off her unique and lively charm and showed off an addictive performance.

Kang Seung-yeon’s debut song, ‘Beep Beep,’ was released on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop,’ which was broadcast on the 30th and won the hearts of domestic fans overseas fans.

On this day’s stage, Kang Seung-Yeon appeared in a costume full of personality that stood out for her cute charm and 8-to-1 ratio and started the stage with an addictive performance with the choreography team. Then, it provided various sights to the fans who watched the set, from choreography without errors, neat live performances, and attractive facial expressions that radiate bright energy.

In addition, the highly addictive chorus that says ‘Call the emblem, beep beep, beep, beep, please,’ sophisticated melodies that people of all ages will like, simple gestures to enjoy the stage, and easy and fun choreography created by ‘K-POP representative choreographer’ Bae Yoon-Jeong, etc. Kang Seung-yeon’s intimate setting gave a great immersion in a short time.

Kang Seung-yeon’s debut song ‘Pillon Piyon’ is a semi-trot song that expresses the most profound feelings towards a person with a one-sided love in a fun and unique way, and it is a dance song where you can feel the differentiated charm that could not be seen on the existing trot stage. In addition, the ‘Bill Beep Dance,’ in which hand movements are the point, is the trademark of this choreography, and it is drawing a hot reaction enough to challenge it on various platforms.

Meanwhile, Kang Seung-Yeon, who has emerged as a hot trend in the music industry by acting as a bridgehead through the MZ generation and K-trot, communicates with fans through music broadcasts and various platforms.

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