The K-Pop-inspired trends will make your post lockdown style memorable.

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We are curating the trendiest style statements inspired by K-pop idols such as TWICE’s Chaeyoung, Jungyeon, Jihyo, MOMOLAND’s Taeha and Seulgi, and more.

As lockdown opens up, we slowly but surely remember what fashion meant in our lives before the pandemic hit. Like all of us, if you need some help with your comeback style, scroll down to see the trends that will make your transition from home to outside real smooth. Bonus: These trends are inspired by our favorite Korean idols! Scroll down because here are some inspirations from trendy K-pop stars:

Hair length can suggest many different things this summer, or what’s remaining of the summer, take inspiration from TWICE members and switch things up with a shorter cut. Chaeyoung, Jungyeon, and Jihyo frequently switch their styles and display their feminine, cute, youthful vibe. Easy to maintain and style, shorter hair is the way to go this season.

Chic clips: If there’s one small detail that makes Jennie’s “Solo” outfits even more stylish, it’s the glittery hair clips that add a bit more fun to her look. It’s something entirely unexpected and brings back the style that was popular long ago. Members of (G)I-DLE were also seen wearing colorful clips, while MOMOLAND’s Taeha and Seulgi wore oversized barrettes.

Go for fresh modern and chic colors this season and opt for peaches and pinks. Be it with wardrobe choices or makeup and accessories, the color’s freshness will take you through the season. Bonus: You’ll also look perfect in photos!

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