Our Happy Seed Sponsorship, K-pop star with foreigners

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This event, held in Ansan, home to the most significant number of foreigners in Korea, was watched in real-time by about 200 Ansan citizens through various social media platforms and video conferences.

Starting with a sketch video of the World Cultural Experience Expo held on the 13th, congratulatory speeches were delivered by Jang Hyeon-guk, the Gyeonggi Provincial Council Chairman, Yoon Hwa-shop, Ansan Mayor, Koh Young-in, member of the National Assembly Danwon-gap, and Kim Cheol-min of the National Assembly. Gyeonggi Provincial Council Chairman Jang Hyeon-guk said, “I think it is meant that an event was prepared for foreigners to come together and share their hearts with local neighbors at a time when exchanges are difficult due to long-distance due to Corona. I hope you have a great time while showing off your talents and talents to the fullest.” ¹1¹

The program consists of cultural videos from various countries, contests, and happy lectures by K-POP STAR participants. Participants from multiple cultures and nationalities, such as China, the Philippines, Russia, Africa, and Malaysia, participated in this event, and ten teams from among them advanced to the finals.

While the ten teams continued the contest, the audience who participated in the online videoconference, regardless of nationality, cheered with fun makeup and various tools, adding to the event’s fun.

The silver prize was awarded to Polina from a multicultural family, who expressed the desire for a unified world without discrimination, with the voice of a clean child, and Gimli from China, who sang Korea’s representative trot ‘Soyanggang Maiden.’ Melody Samson of the Philippines, who sang ‘Father’ and expressed his longing and love for his father, and the Russian dance team Big Fingers, which drew attention for their powerful idol dance, won the award. The grand prize was awarded to Philippine Billy Joe, who performed BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ dance. In addition to this, some awards such as the Popularity Award and the Challenge Award were awarded to all ten teams that advanced to the finals, making it a happy festival for all participants. Billy, who won the grand prize, said that he was grateful for providing a place to show off his talents and talents through his favorite K-pop stage as a multicultural citizen living as a foreigner in Korean society.

In the middle of the K-POP STAR contest, I watched the cultural videos of each country. Through videos from all over the world, such as safaris in Africa, blue seas in Australia, and colorful carpets in India, it provided joy and a different kind of fun to citizens who are tired of Corona.

In the lecture on happiness that followed, Lee Sang-jun, president of the Institute for International Humanity Education, addressed the topic of ‘wisdom to save strength.’ The director introduced durian, a fruit with the nickname ‘scent of hell, a taste of heaven, and said, “Just as the smell is not a problem when you taste the charm of durian, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but if you take advantage of the strengths, the shortcomings become a problem. It doesn’t work,” he said, talking about the wisdom of life that he learned through the experience of eating durian.

Choi Young-Kyung, chairman of the Onnuri Happy Seed Supporters Association, who hosted the event, said, “I felt great reward to see many foreigners interacting and having fun through this event, and we will come closer to a better program for foreigners to settle in a happy local community.”

This event was sponsored by Picnic Gondre Rice, Park Seung-gwang Wang Kalguksu, Glasses Story, Hanajo, Cooperative Umbrella, BHC Chicken Gojan Branch, Innisfree Seonbu Branch, Domino’s Pizza Seonbu Branch, Shrup, Myeongnang Hot Dog Ansan Jungang Branch, and Jeremy Taylor Ansan Branch.

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