These 5 K-Pop Songs Cancel the Group from Disbandment!

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Jakarta -Tight competition in the K-Pop music industry is sometimes why an idol group disbands before they are at the peak of their success. But there is a group that is saved after releasing an iconic song.
What songs are the saviors for a K-Pop group career?

  1. Rollin – BRAVE GIRLS

Since their debut in 2011, BRAVE GIRLS’ name has not been too prominent in the music world. Sempa planned to be disbanded, and suddenly, in early 2021, success came to BRAVE GIRLS because their song titled Rollin suddenly went viral. After all, it was liked by many soldiers.

Rollin led BRAVE GIRLS to a Perfect All Kil certificate and earned their first trophy on SBS Inkigayo. Even last June, they just made a comeback with the album Summer Queen.

  1. I Need You – BTS

Before their current success, BTS was also threatened with disbandment because they did not receive much appreciation during their musical debut. But all of that nightmare changed when their song titled I Need You, which was released in 2015, brought Jin Cs to the first win on the SBS MTV music show.

  1. Really – WINNER

Taehyun’s departure from WINNER and had been on hiatus for a long time made this group threatened with disbandment. But WINNER tried to be optimistic by releasing a new song titled Really.

Who would have thought the song released in 2017 became the savior of their careers in the music industry. It made Mino Cs achieve extraordinary success until it has survived until now.

  1. Secret Garden – Oh My Girl

The Oh My Girl girl group also had the same fate as the previous three groups. Since its debut in 2015, Oh My Girl has received less attention from K-Pop lovers.

All the dark times finally paid off three years later, after the song Secret Garden managed to save them from disbanding. At that time, Secret Garden managed to top the chart and the first award from a music program and made Oh My Girl’s career skyrocket until now.

  1. Chase Me – Dreamcatcher

Had debuted under the name MINX in 2014, the group formed by HappyFace Entertainment received less attention at the beginning of its debut. Finally, MINX changed its name to Dreamcatcher and changed the formation with the addition of two members.

Their debut song finally helped them become better known to K-Pop music lovers in 2017. This success made them known as an idol group with a unique rock sound that no one has ever imitated.

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