TNX, what kind of song is the central performance of the fan meeting ‘K-Pop Maker.’

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Fans’ votes decide the main performance songs of the TNX group’s fan meeting.

TNX appeared in Process 3 of Mnet Plus’ KPOP MAKER, aired on the 22nd.

On this day, TNX introduced ‘Move Out’ and ‘Small Song’ as the primary performance song candidates for the fan meeting. The members said, “The song with the most ‘likes’ among the two songs will be selected as the primary performance song.” He added, “If the number of ‘likes’ exceeds a certain number, you can meet both songs at the fan meeting.”

To determine the specific number, TNX conducted a special karaoke mission. They heard that the higher the karaoke score and the number of steps, the more benefits the members decided to sing Psy’s ‘That That’ and developed a strategy to get a high score.

The karaoke score was 94 points, and the number of pedometers was 2769 points, resulting in a final score of 7137, 10,000 points minus the corresponding score. As a result, if the total number of likes exceeds 7137, both ‘Move Out’ and ‘Small Song’ will be able to meet at the fan meeting.

Members Junhyeok and Taehoon said, “I prepared hard. I want to do both songs.

Please participate diligently in voting.” He asked for a lot of
participation from fans.

“K-Pop Maker ” is a project in which Makers and singers plan a fan meeting. Makers can participate in voting through the singer’s factory for eight weeks, and they can join in the fan meeting. Voting for ‘Main Performance Song’ has been held since the 22nd.

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