‘KPOP MAKER’ Tempest, a mission challenge to determine the main performance song for the fan meeting result?

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Group Tempest took on an intense mission to prepare for the fan meeting.

In the 5th episode of Mnet’s ‘KPOP MAKER,’ which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 22nd, Tempest took on the mission to decide the main performance song to be presented at the fan meeting.

Season 1 of ‘KPOP Maker’ is a project in which K-pop fans become makers and directly plan artist fan meetings under the theme of ‘Meet You.’ Makers join each artist’s factory (the Makers community that supports artists and their agencies) and perform a mission for seven weeks.

On this day, Tempest performed a mission to determine the main performance song to be held at the fan meeting. Lu, who encouraged voting before the mission, said, “The primary performance song voting is in progress. After this video, you can check the two performance songs. “He said.

Tempest’s main performance songs were voted for ‘Can’t Stop Shining’ and ‘Young & Wild.’ They were divided into karaoke and pedometer teams and worked on the mission. The production team said, ‘Sing the most confident and exciting song and wave the pedometer. The higher the karaoke score and the number of pedometers, the greater the benefits.”

In response, Tempest enthusiastically worked on the mission by selecting Ulala Session’s ‘Beautiful Night.’ Not only did the explosive tension raise the atmosphere and excite the production crew, but also the intense movement of the pedometer team, such as scurrying around the studio and escaping the camera angle, added to the excitement.

As a result of the mission, Tempest achieved a new record in the ‘K-Pop Maker’ pedometer mission with a high karaoke score. The mission was to reduce the number of ‘likes’ when the sum of the karaoke score and the pedometer score was high.

After checking the result, the members were moved to tears, saying, “You did well,” and repeatedly emphasizing to the fans, “I want to show both stages, so please participate a lot,” raising curiosity about the result by completing the mission.

Meanwhile, Tempest released their second mini album ‘SHINING UP’ on the 29th of last month and is active with the title song ‘Can’t Stop Shining.’ He plans to engage in various broadcasts and content in the future actively.

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