Today’s Celebrity: Attention to active activities of talented ‘rookie K-POP.’

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The activities of large rookie idol groups such as Omega X, StayC, and Woowa are notable.

‘2021 Strongest Expected Stock’ proved by Omega X ‘VAMOS.’

The ‘big monster rookie’ OMEGA X has marked the most anticipated rookie in 2021.

Omega X (Jahan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, XEN, Jehyeon, KEVIN, Junghoon, Hyuk, Yechan) performed their first mini-album title song ‘VAMOS’ on KBS 2TV’ Music Bank’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 16th. ‘He completed the stage.

On this day, Omega X added immersion with the white suit styling, which is chic and intense, just like the mood of the song ‘VAMOS.’

He added a gesture to his solid eyes and powerful performance, giving him an overwhelming charm that would tear the stage apart.

Omega X filled the stage with dynamic choreography that seemed to destroy the stage.

A performance feast of an all-time scale, which erases time in an instant, delighted the viewers’ eyes. As if every section is a killing part and point choreography, the appearance of Omega X that cannot take your eyes off of it has proven that it is the most anticipated rookie in 2021.

Omega X debuted in the music industry by releasing their first mini-album ‘VAMOS’ on the 30th of last month.

The debut title song ‘VAMOS’ is a trendy hip-hop genre song with a light and exotic sound and exquisite Latin lyrics.

On the other hand, Omega X, active as ‘VAMOS’ amid a hot reaction, continues to meet fans through various music broadcasts and content.

woo!ah!, warmer camping than ‘Bullmong’… sincere heartfelt talk

The healing camp of the group woos! Ah! Melted the hearts of ‘Wow (fandom name).’

On the 16th, NV Entertainment, the agency of woo! Ah! After all, the flower of camping is a ‘campfire.’

This is the second story of the camping episode of the accurate content ‘Only Trust Me and Follow Wa’ released on the 10th, and the first night of camping of woo! Ah! Prepared by leader Nana unfolded.

The members of woo! Ah! had time to write a letter to their Manito. Each of them began to write a heartfelt letter, guessing who their Manito would be.

After writing all the letters, cockfights and mugunghwa flowers bloomed. It showed how to woo! ah! (Woah!) returned to childhood, such as playing games.

It’s time for ‘Campfire,’ the flower of camping in earnest, and the members of woo! Ah!

Nana said, “I’m glad that I did my last promotion for ‘Purple,’ and I didn’t get hurt and finished the promotion safely.”

Wooyeon recalled the most memorable time of the album’s activities, saying, “I had a face-to-face fan signing event, and I made precious memories with the Wows.”

Minseo also said, “This time, on the last stage of ‘Purple,’ I could see all the happy faces of the members.”

Before the release of Manito, the members read a letter to each Manito. While enjoying camping, he shared his true feelings, including the things he did to Manito, to make the atmosphere warmer. However, Nana and Sora could not get their Manito correct, and they received a penalty for washing dishes.

At the end of the camping trip, Nana said, “I wanted to give a small gift to the hardworking members,” and revealed the reason for preparing for the camping trip.

The members expressed their gratitude, “I worked hard with ‘Purple’ for five weeks, so this camping trip was more like a honey break.”

Meanwhile, woo! Ah! is continuing various activities with the follow-up song ‘Pandora.’

StayC Jay, Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ cover video released

Group STAYC member Jay sang ‘Don’t Start Now’ with a unique tone.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Stacey Jay released a cover video of pop singer Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ on Stacey’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Jay held a hand microphone and filled an ample space with only his voice, exuding a free charm.

Jay’s unique low-pitched tone and confident facial expression captured the viewers’ attention.

Jay’s unique vocals, who have been in charge of the ‘killing part’ in Stace’s songs, shined once again in this ‘Don’t Start Now’ cover video.

From the familiar melody to the ad-lib in the second half that is different from the original song, Jay has digested it with his voice and style. It was also possible to reaffirm Jay’s musical ability to lead a song ideally.

Not only that, but Jay brought out all the points of ‘Don’t Start Now’ with a bold expression of emotion that matches the mood of the song.

The attractive expressions and gestures presented by Jay are also important observation points of this cover video.

On the other hand, Jay’s member StayC performed successfully with the second single title song ‘ASAP’ in the first half of this year.

‘ASAP’ continues to be a long-running song on significant music charts until recently. StayC has established itself as a global rookie by being listed on the US Grammy’s ‘Rising Korean Artists 5’ and US Time Magazine’s ‘Best K-Pop of the Year.’ did.

Recently, STAYC members have been actively communicating with fans by releasing various vocal and dance cover videos and their content through the official YouTube channel.

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