‘Cheerful Idol’ ASTRO, comeback on August 2nd, first appearance on ‘Today’s Music’

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K-pop representative refreshing idol ASTRO will appear for the first time on Melon Station’s ‘Today’s Music’ at the same time as their comeback on August 2nd.

Melon said on the 29th, “Astro, who is loved by many fans by creating their musical trend, will appear on ‘Today’s Music’ in time for the release of their 8th mini album’ SWITCH ON’. We plan to present a wealth of content, from stories about the new album to talks that reflect the individuality of each member.”

According to Melon, ASTRO talked about various themes based on the album name ‘SWITCH ON’ at the pre-recording site. They had a pleasant time by asking and answering questions about how they change depending on the situation when they are a musician (ON) and usually (OFF) through ‘Astro’s ON & OFF’ and the ‘SWITCH ON’ production episode.

In particular, in this process, very personal stories from the members’ group chat room names to their usual shopping styles poured out like a flood, creating a lively atmosphere from start to finish.

On this day, during the comeback photo of the 8th mini-album, the members are raising curiosity by honestly telling the members’ feelings and the story of how the filming took place with the release of a photo of all the members undressing their upper bodies.

‘SWITCH ON,’ which will be released at 6 pm on August 2nd, is an album that ASTRO presents to ASTRO and contains the past, present, and future of ASTRO that they have walked together for the past six years. Is included in a total of 6 tracks.

The title song ‘After Midnight’ is a fun up-tempo pop song featuring a piano and bass that doubles the charm of a funky beat based on disco. It is known that you will enjoy the refreshing energy of ASTRO with an exciting melody. ASTRO’s member Cha Eun-woo wrote the lyrics and expressed how he wants a perfect escape with the person he likes all night long, raising expectations.

On the other hand, the music talk show ‘Today’s Music’ is Melon Station’s representative program. From idols representing K-pop to talented singer-songwriters, various musicians become direct DJs, providing wealthy audio content Melon users.

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