‘Sore ga Iru Mori’ tops the list, and new works ‘Seven Secrets,’ ‘Kimi wo Aitai Hitori no Boku I, and ‘Bad Guys’ jump up

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It is introducing the “Movie.com Access Ranking” from October 3 to 9th (counting period). This is the popularity ranking of the most accessed movies over the past week among all movie pages on the general movie information site “Movie.com.”

Masaki Aiba’s horror movie “Forest with ‘Sore'” jumped to the top of the rankings. To commemorate the release, if you select a filter from the official Instagram account, you can enjoy the original “Forest where it is,” and an AR camera filter will also appear on the 7th.

“Silence Parade” dropped 2nd place, and “ONE PIECE FILM RED” kept 3rd place. In 4th place, the new work “Seven Secrets THE MOVIE,” released on October 7, jumped up from 64th place last week. The result is a movie adaptation of a popular TV drama about the secrets of secretaries who undertake to help the weak.

The opening day stage greeting was held on the 7th at a theater in Tokyo, and the main cast Fumino Kimura, co-stars Alice Hirose, Nanao Shim Eun Kyung, Shigeru Muroi, Yosuke Eguchi and other regular cast members, and director Naoki Tamura took the stage. Yuko Oshima, who is pregnant with her first child, also participated remotely, and for the first time in the promotion of this work, the “seven people” gathered together.

“I Am Makimoto” maintains the 5th place. In 6th place, the new work “Kimi wo Aisuta Hitori no Boku e “jumped from 53rd last week. This work is one of two animated films simultaneously based on a novel by Otono Shihoji, which gained a lot of attention after being introduced on TikTok for its novel setting and heartrending love story. Another song, “Boku wa Aishita All Kimi e, “was released on the same day, rising from 95th place last week to 14th.

In addition, “Bad Guys” jumped from last week’s 81st place to 8th place. This is the latest feature-length animated film by DreamWorks Animation, such as “Boss Baby” and “Shrek. ” It depicts the activities of the phantom thieves group “Bad Guys” who steal treasures from influential people and wealthy people with splendid techniques.

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