Fourteen visuals and character posters were released for the stage play ‘Kingdom.’ The Imperial Theater transforms into the land of China with PV

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The main visual, PV, and new character posters (14 points) of the stage play “Kingdom” have been released.

In the PV, the curtain rises from the scene where the four cast members in stage costumes walk through the Imperial Theater, the venue for the main stage. The stage gradually transforms into the land of China, creating a magnificent image. Unfortunately, the theater will be temporarily closed for reconstruction in 2025.

This visual brings together the prominent cast members dressed in stage costumes, and Ouki, played by Yuichiro Yamaguchi, who is said to be the “Emperor of the Teigeki,” has a strong presence in the center. Furthermore, Hironori Miura and Kou Takano, who play Nobu, and Yuta Koseki and Teru Makishima (both double-cast), who play Eimasa/Hyo, commented on their impressions of the PV.

In addition, poster visuals of 14 characters have been released. Umika Kawashima and Yuki Hana as Karyoten, Minami Umezawa (46) and Rurika Miya as Yotanwa, Kakutaro Arisawa and Yuki Kaji as Heki, Taiga Suzuki ( IMPACTors /Johnny’s Jr.) and Yuki Kamisato as Narikyo, Yuki Saotome as Saji, Seiya Motoki as Bajiou, Romi Park and Yui Ishikawa as Shika, and Masafumi Ryosei Konishi, who plays the role of you (Shoubun-Kun), dressed up as a character, and comments from Yamaguchi, who plays the same character as Ouki’s character poster, are also shown.

The original manga “Kingdom, “which has sold over 92 million copies in total, is set in China during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period and depicts the activities of Shin, a boy aiming to become a great general, and Eimasa, a young king. The 5th TV animation series is scheduled for 2024, and the live-action movie version starring Kento Yamazaki (official name is Tatsusaki Saki) is also a big hit.

The stage “Kingdom” will be performed at the Imperial Theater from February 5 to 27, 2023. Tickets will go on sale to the general public starting December 3.

The 14-character posters are as follows.

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