‘Magic Professional’ Kensho Ono’s ‘Rakudai Witch’ animation movie completion greeting ‘As expected, light. Light.’

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Voice actor Kensho Ono appeared at the completion preview of the theatrical animation “Rakudai witch Fuka to Yami no witch” (released on the 31st, directed by Takayuki Hamana) held at Space FS Shiodome, Tokyo on the 6th.

Theatrical animation “Rakudai witch Fuka and the Dark Witch” poster series First animation of The popular children’s book “Rakudai witch” series (written by Satoko Narita, illustrated by Enaga Chino ), which has sold over 1.6 million copies the work.

Ono, who played the role of Keith, took the stage with Honoka Inoue, who played the main character Fuka, an apprentice witch, Mutsumi Tamura, who played Chitose, and Manaka Iwami, who played Karin. Of the four, only Ono was recorded separately, saying, “Today is the first time we’ve met. (The three of them) are envious. Seeing the finished product, I thought it would be fun.” When the three people got excited about the lunch box that was being recorded, they said sadly, “Looks like it’s going to be fun~.”

About the theme song “Tokimeki no Kaze” that Inoue played, Ono asked, “Where do you want to go on the Tokimeki no Kaze?” When the moderator asked for Keith’s lines, he shyly showed them off. Next to the excited three people, “My back is getting hot,” “I’m going to dent by myself,” with a wry smile.

On the theme of being able to use magic, the host said, “I’m a professional magician. I think you know a lot.” It’s different, so.” hesitantly. I didn’t mention the name of the work, but from the first work in which Ono was in charge of dubbing the main character Harry at the age of 12 before his voice changed, his voice has grown along with the new work “Harry Potter.”‘, hinting at the series, making the three on stage and the fans at the venue laugh.

In the end, I descended with a pose straddling a broom. He is one of the most handsome voice actors in the world, but on this day, he played the role of the third position and excited the venue. (Various news, Kohei Yamamoto)

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