The animated movie ‘Sankaikyo Reiju Encyclopedia’ with the motif of China’s oldest geography book Limited screening for one week from April 7

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An animation work, ” Shankai Sutra: Spiritual Beast Encyclopedia,” based on China’s oldest geographical book, “Sankai Sutra,” will be screened for a limited period of one week from April 7th at the “Film Festival” that delivers Chinese movies. Is decided. At the same time, trailers, posters, and scene photos were unveiled simultaneously.

The Mountains and Seas Sutra tell the myths of ancient China, including descriptions of animals and plants, fantastic monsters, and gods. Set on the floating island of Kunlun, this work depicts the epic adventure of Shirasawa, a priest, to find a cure for the mysterious plague “Kurorei.”

Directed by Emmy Award-nominated Huang Zhengming. The story of this work contains the message, “If you have light in your heart, no one can stop you.” Interesting Eigasha, which brought ” Roshao Heisenki: The Future I Choose ” to Japan, has purchased it.

In the trailer, the priest of Kunlun Island, Shirasawa, struggles to find a cure for the mysterious plague “Black Spirit,” but he causes further damage to the town and is banished to the Kunlun Clinic. However, a new black spirit patient visits him, and he again sets out on an adventure searching for the forbidden cure.

As the title “Reiju Zukan” suggests, the poster depicts various spiritual beasts in “Sankaikyo,” such as the giraffe, the nine-tailed fox, and the candelabra. It is a visual that expresses the magnificence of history and the dynamism of the story.

” Sankaikyo Reiju Zukan ” will be screened for one week from April 7th at Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro, Mobil, Cinemart Shinsaibashi, and Satsukiki.

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