‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Purgatory ‘Delicious!’ ‘Beef pot lunch’ echoes ‘Details that can be reproduced’ ‘I want to eat!’

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Animation production company ufotable updated the official Twitter on the 30th and released the product sales information of the comic market that started today.

We sell a collection of setting materials for the movie version & TV animation version “Kimetsu no Yaiba” infinite train edition as product sales information.

There are two sets, “Character / Accessory Setting Collection” and “Art Material Collection.”

In the collection of setting materials, there is also a beef pot lunch that Purgatory ate in the infinite train edition and the fans who saw this set the details such as disposable chopsticks and the size of the lunch box. It’s set in as much detail as you can.

“This content is just one lunch box …” “I want to eat this skin!” “I understand that you can call them repeatedly,” and so on.

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