9 selections of guys who were good to see all the stories in the 2021 anime

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The year-end and New Year TV is so boring! But I don’t want to go out to play !! I mean, I have friends! I wanted to enjoy the Golden Week holidays, but I did because I hadn’t done anything serious. There must be such a person other than me (Nakazawa).

So, looking back on 2021, I would like to introduce the excellent anime to watch until the end. I don’t mean to say “it’s better to see,” but I think that people who are likely to die in their spare time will at least be a reference for killing their time.

Mushoku Tensei-I’m serious when I go to another world-
As of December 2021, all 23 episodes. However, another studio launched by WHITE FOX for this project seems to be Studio Bind, so I’m sure it will continue in the future. Of course, the animation can be felt from the beginning to the end, and when I look back on it later, it is safe to say that 2021 was the year of unemployed reincarnation.

Tokyo Revengers
Currently, all 24 episodes. It’s a Yankee from Weekly Shonen Magazine, so “Chameleon” or “Shonan Junai Gumi! I think it’s the flow of “STEINS; GATE,” but rather “STEINS; GATE.”

I thought that despair and under-social depictions were in the hall for shōnen manga, but the author was written in RocketNews24 as a person from “Shinjuku Swan.” I see.

Odd taxi
All 13 episodes. The number of stories is compact, but I thought it was excellent to see the flow without any gaps until the end. Although the story is complete, it has been announced that the movie will be released on April 1, 2022. What the hell is drawn? The place where you cannot help but expect it tells the story of an “odd taxi.”

Kageki Shojo !!
All 13 episodes. The story is set in the Honghua Opera Music School, which aims to train the venerable Honghua Opera Company members. If you write this, you may think that it is a glittering animation with a musical feel, but if anything, this work is like “Glass Mask.”

Anguish and conflict in places where talent can be superior or inferior. Personally, Ayako Yamada made me cry more than Sarasa Watanabe and Ai Narada, the main characters. I think Yamada was the most robust character in 2021.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season2
On the other hand, if you mention the most robust breast scene in 2021, it would be the all-comer of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2”. This means “don’t give up”! You can cry just by remembering it.

It was simply a god who got excited about the compactness of all 13 episodes. It’s a sequel, but even from Season 2, I felt like I could keep up with it, which may have led to the excitement of the app.

Blue Period
The anime “Blue Period” was a storm of criticism if the original was too much talked about and made a mistake. However, it can be said that such a fate was rejected. It was an insanely good result that conveys the goodness of the original. The atmosphere of taking the art school exam is so dangerous !? The atmosphere is entirely different from “Aoi Honoo” !! I cried while thinking. All 12 episodes!

Mr. Furumi has communism.
I noticed that I arranged six stories, but the person who wants to see it is “Komi-san has communism. ] Is recommended. As for the content, Mr. Furumi only makes friends little by little, but he feels a little relaxed after watching each episode. I want to enter this class.

It was decided for the second term whether many people thought so. It healed in the fall of 2021—all 12 episodes.

Reincarnated as the world’s best assassin, a nobleman in another world
In 2021, there was momentum in the animation of the work from “Become a Novelist,” which is called unemployed reincarnation. “The world’s best assassin, reincarnated into a different world aristocrat” is also a novel that will be the origin. However, what is different from unemployed reincarnation is that you do not know what the hero is thinking, and your goals are clear.

Therefore, we are always worried about how the goal will be achieved or not. You can see the 12 episodes lightly, but many parts are likely to be hinted at in the future, and I finished running to the final episode while looking forward to the continuation. Hope for the second term.

Goodbye my clammer
The lineup to the above is often seen in these anime introduction articles, but I don’t see “Farewell, My Duck.” I think it’s okay to enter the excitement in the second half, but why?

Looking back on the 2021 spring anime, I think it’s a masterpiece like “Odd Taxi.” The goodness of sports is that you can win or lose, but the best of this work is that the sense of fellowship is drawn beyond the team, and I would like to see how this feeling of mutuality will change later.

I want you to make the second term to discuss it again. Still! The match is not over yet !!

The above nine are good animations to watch until the end of 2021. Even so, recently, there are many patterns in which only one episode is insanely good and stalls.

It seems to avoid one episode of the viewer, but, interestingly, the talk about “odd taxi” and “ranking of kings” is instead the opposite pattern. It doesn’t seem to have expectations in one episode, or it even feels like it’s trying not to expand the audience.

If you can narrow down what you expect from your work, it will be easier to meet your needs than you would expect. There may be such a difference in showing that it became a hot topic in the background. It was 2021 when I felt a sense of change.

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