90’s super popular NHK animation ‘Fly! Isami’ and ‘YAT relief! Space travel’ revives in electronic comics.

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Yuichi Hasegawa’s 40th anniversary and Shinji Nishikawa’s 35th-anniversary project, the super popular 90’s NHK animation “Fly! Isami” and “YAT Anshin! Space Travel” will be distributed as an electronic comic from Compass Co., Ltd. under the editorial cooperation of NHK Publishing.

The distribution start date is August 26 (Saturday), and both works are scheduled to be distributed simultaneously in major electronic bookstores and apps.

“fly! Isami’s main character, Isami Hanaoka, is a 5th-grade elementary school girl. She moved to her grandfather’s house in Oedo City with her mother, a newscaster. There, Isami meets her classmates, Toshi Tsukikage and Soushi Yukimi, who are also descendants of the Shinsengumi.

From Isami’s grandfather’s storehouse, the three obtained the “Dragon Sword” that was said to have been left behind by Isami’s ancestors and numerous other inventions. They were tasked with overthrowing their archenemy, the “Black Tengu Party.” Isami’s father’s disappearance seems related to the Black Tengu Party…? “YAT peace of mind! The era depicted in Space Travel is 5808 years of space history.

The main character, Goro Hoshiwatari, participates in a tour of a small space travel company, “YAT,” to find his missing father, but accidentally destroys the spaceship during the tour! While working for free as a member of “YAT” to pay for it, he travels through space with Captain Kaoru Yamamoto and his adopted daughter Katsura Tenjouin, who also works as a spacecraft guide and mechanic, while searching for his father.

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