Autumn animation ‘Evolutionary Fruit’ Toru Inada plays the role of the first ‘heroine’ ‘Kana Hanazawa as a rival’

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The broadcast start date and time of “The Fruit of Evolution-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” and the second PV have been released. At the same time, Tetsu Inada, who will play “the first heroine in a voice actor career of more than 25 years” as Sarria (before Evolution), will also appear.

“Evolutionary Fruit-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” is based on Futabasha’s “Monster.” The novel of the same name was published in “Bunko.” One day, Seiichi Hiiragi, a high school student who was a bullied child, was suddenly blown into a different world like a sword and magic game throughout the school, and he accidentally said “the fruit of evolution” and started his life as a winner. It’s a story. This time, Toru Inada had decided to play female gorilla Sarria (before Evolution), who began to have a romantic feeling for Seiichi, who fought off her attack for the first time. At the same time, comments arrived from Inada.

“The Fruit of Evolution-Unknowingly Winning Group Life-” will start broadcasting on TV TOKYO and others from 26:00 on October 4, 2021. Thalia (Before Evolution) (CV: Toru Inada) This is Toru Inada, the true heroine of this work. As a voice actor for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to play a wide variety of roles, but this is my first time as a heroine. I played it in one episode, but I feel a considerable response. Hanazawa KanaLooking at Chan as a rival, we aim to be the heroine of this work in both name and reality! Character introduction Kaiser Kong with level 700 or higher. In [Forest of Endless Sadness], suddenly appeared in front of Seiichi. At first, she was attacking Seiichi as an enemy, but she began to have a romantic feeling for Seiichi, who fought off her attack for the first time.

I love Seiichi. Broadcast information Broadcast on TV TOKYO, BS TV Tokyo, AT-X, etc. from October 2021, and distribution on d anime store, etc. TV TOKYO: Every Monday from October 4, 2:00 pm-BS TV East: Every Wednesday from October 6 0:30 am-AT-X: Every Thursday from October 7 10:30 pm-Repeat broadcast: Weekly (Monday) 10:30 am- / Weekly (Wednesday) From 4:30 pm * Broadcast information is subject to change. Staff Original: Miku (Futabasha Monster Bunko) Character draft: U35 Director: Yoshiaki Okumura Series composition / Screenplay: Billion Emon Ichikawa Character design: Minami Eda Color design: Chieko Hibi Art: SAKO Art director: Shokyu Lee Shooting director: Hideki Imaizumi Editing: Ichiro Chain Sound director: Ryo Tanaka Sound production: Glovision Casting: Kasami Matsuki / Tomokazu Kiso Music: Hifumi. Inc Production: HOTLINE Production: “Evolutionary Fruit” Production Committee Cast Seiichi Hiiragi / Hiroshi Shimono Saria / Kana Hanazawa Sarria (Before Evolution) / Toru Inada Altria Grem / Marina Inoue Gustle Clute / Toru Inada Ellis McRene / Yuka Nishio Lurene / Rimi Nishimoto Karen Kannazuki / Aino Nanjo Ries Barze / Yoko Hikasa Sheep / Satomi Arai Olga Carmeria / Yurika Kubo Music Opening Theme: Aino Nanjo “EVOLUTiON:” Ending Theme: Poppin’Party “Moonlight” Walk” (C) Miku / Futabasha /”Evolutionary Fruit” Production Committee

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