Yoneske assaults a UFO with a rice scoop in one hand, trespassing! Directed by Minoru Kawasaki ‘Totsugeki! Neighbor UFO’ Issei Ishida has a shocking experience!

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The UFO movie ” Totsugeki! Neighbor UFO,” directed by Minoru Kawasaki, who is known as a master of stupid films such as ” Squid Wrestler,” ” All But Japan Sinks, “and ” Earth Defense Widow, “will be released on February 3, 2023. A poster visual and trailer have recently been unveiled.

This is the story of Yoneske, a rakugo storyteller famous for the popular TV program “Totsugeki! Neighbor’s Dinner”, and Taki Shiro ( Yonesuke ), a brilliant investigator of a private organization URL who investigates UFO incidents in modern times, by fusing UFO stories. Draw activity.

Yoneske ‘s thrilling performance as he assaults and illegally intrudes on any UFO. At first glance, it is an unprecedented documentary entertainment that cuts sharply into the mystery of the actual UFO incident, even though it is a joke.

Appearances include Tatsuomi Hamada of “Ultraman Geed,” Arina Hattori of AKB48, Hollywood Zakoshisho, Koji Moritsugu of ” Ultra Seven, “Takeharu Mikami, editor-in-chief of Monthly Mu, charismatic Junichi Yaoi of UFO, and former Area 51 with Director Kawasaki. Issei Ishida, who witnessed a UFO in 2010, describes his excellent experience. You can’t take your eyes off Yoneske ‘s exhilarating success as he assaults and illegally intrudes on any UFO.

Okamoto ( Hamada Tatsuomi), a newcomer to UFO RESEACH LABORATORY (URL), a private organization that investigates UFO incidents, heads with his senior Taki ( Yonesuke ) to investigate a UFO that has landed in an emergency. Leaving aside Okamoto, who hesitates in fear, Taki grabs a golden rice scoop and steadily trespasses into the UFO.

The aliens are frightened by their brazenness and leave. Taki had his wife and children kidnapped by a UFO. At the time of the incident, a golden rice scoop was found at the scene, and its power gave Taki a mysterious power.

Taki joined the URL, thinking that if he followed the UFO incident, he could meet his wife and children someday. And when he takes a rice scoop with him, he becomes strangely big-hearted and boldly enters the UFO. And finally, a giant UFO that has kidnapped his wife and children appears. So what will be the fate of the waterfalls URL?

From February 3, 2023, Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya (* Shibuya will be screened only on February 3, 4, and 5), and other nationwide releases.

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