The children’s animation ‘Pow Patrol’ is very popular!

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Toy sales are also substantial! Gained popularity all over the world and landed in Japan

Do you know “Pow Patrol,” a CG animation for children currently being broadcast on the TV Tokyo network of 6 stations and distributed on d anime stores and Netflix? And the hero of boys and Kent, team “Paw Patrol,” consists of puppies of various dog species, manipulating different vehicles the city of door trouble is to solve the “rescue action-adventure.”

“PAW Patrol” has been broadcast in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide since it started posting in North America in August 2013. It is a world-famous work that recorded the highest audience rating in many of them. With such a touch, broadcasting started in April 2019 in Japan, and season 3 is being broadcast from January 2021. It is a popular work that has been developed for three years. In parallel with this animation, TAKARATOMY has been rolling out various toys in the Japanese market since May 2019. Not only figures and radio-controlled models, but also deforming vehicles (vehicles) are handled, so I get the impression that many gimmick-like elaborate ones.

The company’s latest financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2021 (consolidated) also mention that “the products related to” Paw Patrol “are performing well,” and sales are also likely to be strong. And if you go to the toy department, you will find that it is gaining support not only from boys but also from girls. Isn’t it rare for children’s anime to be supported by both men and women?

The first possible reason for its popularity is the combination of vehicles and animals (= puppies), a motif that many children like. For example, suppose it is an animation with a vehicle motif. In that case, it is currently “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z,” “Norimonoman Mobile Land Kirkun,” a while ago “Tomica Kizuna Moderate Earth Grunner,” and a similar position before. There was also “Robocar Poli” as an animation. Another motif is the addition of puppies (and a wide variety of dog breeds such as Dalmatian and German Shepherd!), And “Pow Patrol” is both cool and cute. This is thought to be the reason why not only boys but also girls have a heart.

The movie version will be released during the 2021 summer vacation season.

The story is a one-talk conclusion type, such as “Find the escape was chicken,” “extinguish the fire,” theft took place in the city trouble is the format of the Kent and Pau Patrol is resolved. In the process of this solution, Pow Patrol will play an active role by taking advantage of the individuality of vehicles such as fire engines, police cars, helicopters, and bulldozers. In the process, the importance of teamwork and courage is drawn, and content that is happy for both children and adults is included. Another reason for its popularity is that it is “easy to see.” As mentioned earlier, one episode is complete, but most of the episodes are short, about 15 minutes or less per episode. On the official YouTube channel and the video of each episode, a video that collects the highlights of each episode as “Meibamenshu” is also being released. Great for tired kids to watch.

The appeal of this work, which I would like to emphasize for anime fans, is the lineup of voice actors. Megumi Han as Kent, Shizuka Ishigami as Chase, Makoto Koichi as Marshall, Satsuma Matsuda as RableMany casts, such as San, acted as the main character of boys in recent children’s animation, are participating. Especially for those who like “boy voice of female voice actor,” it will be a work of “ear fortune” that is not eye-catching. Against the background of TV broadcasting, the second movie version of “Pow Patrol The Movie” is attracting attention. Whereas the first movie version, “Paw Patrol Car Race Daisakusen GO! GO!” Released in Japan in 2020 was set in the usual Adventure Bay. This work has moved the stage to Adventure City and is new. It is a story of solving five troubles caused by the mayor, Rival.

The highlight is Natsumi Abe, who is active as an actress and singer, as a new member, Dachshund Liberty. What kind of actions will she perform in this work, which is the first movie voice actor to be a fan of parents and children, and what type of activity the usual people will show. See “Pow Patrol” Even if you’ve never done it before if you’re fascinated by the appeal of TV broadcasts and YouTube channels, you should visit the cinema.

The anime “Pow Patrol” is being broadcast on the TV Tokyo Network 6 stations from 17:55 every Friday. (c) Spin Master Ltd. TM PAW PATROL and all related titles, logos, characters, and SPIN MASTER logo are trademarks of Spin Master Ltd. Used under license. Nickelodeon and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

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