‘Attack on Titan The Final Season’ Tears in Gabi’s eyes. The truth that I noticed as a child is too sad / Anime Episode 77

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January 16, 2022 (Sunday) Midnight broadcast animation “Attack on Titan The Final Season” Episode 77 “Sneak Attack.” While the enemies and allies were in a mess and fighting, there were a series of voices such as “It became a very complicated feeling …” due to the change in Gabi’s mind.

Beast Titan, Sieg Jaeger, finally appeared in front of Ellen. The Mare army makes a deadly attack to prevent the contact between Sieg and Ellen, but they are killed one after another by throwing the Beast Titan. On the other hand, Mikasa and others who left the prison go out to the ground with a three-dimensional mobile device under the pretext of “helping Ellen.”

Around that time, Gabi, who was urged to retreat by Colt, declared that he would go to help Falco with him, saying, “No, I will go too!” “I got Falco involved,” “I’m the top performer, and I can’t escape to myself!”, Revealing his feelings for his pride and his companions.

After that, Gabi and his friends were able to join Falco safely, but in the hidden building, they heard the voice of Mrs. Blouse, who was thinking about herself. Tears spilled from Gabi’s eyes, still worried about Gabi, who killed his daughter.

Gabi has noticed. The Eldia people are the same “people” as themselves. The viewer said, “I’m a grown-up ginger … but I couldn’t help it.” “The child notices that fact.” The composition is sad. “

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