Lupine’s boyhood ‘LUPIN ZERO’ will be delivered in December!

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The new animation “LUPIN ZERO” will be distributed on the newly launched video distribution service in December 2022! The teaser visual and promotional video has been lifted, and scene photos and the director’s comments have arrived. Furthermore, the world premiere screening has been decided at Anime NYC.

October 24 is the anniversary of “Lupin III “, the first television broadcast of the anime ” Lupin the Third Part 1″ on October 24, 1971.

The new anime “LUPIN ZERO”, announced on such a memorable day, is set in the 1960s, the same era as when Monkey Punch’s original manga “Lupin the Third” was first serialized. Lupine” runs through Japan during a period of high economic growth, drawing a nostalgic yet new original story in 6 episodes.

And this time, the teaser visual, promotional video, and scene photos of “LUPIN ZERO”, which finally depicts his veiled beginning, have been lifted!

The teaser visual shows the boy Lupine wearing a school uniform. The figure with a fearless smile makes us feel the image of “Lupin the Third” that we know well.

Also, the unique video starts with a voice that seems to be a boy named Lupine, “Lupin. My name is Lupine!”

In addition, comments from director Daisuke Sako and producer Koji Nozaki, who directed this work, have arrived. Finally, don’t forget to check out the remarks on Lupine’s boyhood and why he decided to make an anime!

The world’s fastest premiere will be at Anime NYC, an anime convention held in New York, the USA, from November 18 to 20th next month!

The cast of this work, the theme song, and the video distribution service that will be the distribution destination will be announced sequentially.

How did the boy become “Lupin III”?
Please look forward to the unknown “beginning” story of the great thief everyone knows!

Original: Monkey Punch (C) TMS

Comment from Director Daisuke Sakou and Producer Koji Nozaki

  1. What made you want to make anime when Lupine was a boy?

Answer from Producer Nozaki
I hadn’t drawn Lupine in animation until now, and I was trying to draw Lupine in his younger days. So I draw a boyhood image with that in mind.

  1. How did you create a boy statue? What do you think is essential when drawing?

Director Sakou’s answer
I imagined what kind of boy Lupine was, using a little episode in Monkey Punch’s original work and the memories that the adult Lupine III talked about.

The Lupine III we draw is Lupine III in the world of animation, but he is the third generation of the Lupine family. So the staff thought about one of the possibilities of what this boy would have been like, with the feeling of being able to take a peek at the boy Lupine when he was 13 years old.

  1. What was your commitment to setting the stage in Tokyo in the early 1960s?

Director Sakou’s answer
Lupine the 3rd is of unknown age and nationality, but there is no doubt that he was a boy in the past. The first time Lupine III appeared in front of us in animation was at the Hida Speedway in 1971. Thinking back on that era, I believe that he must have been a boy in the mid-1960s (1960s) when he was a boy.

So this time, I made it with the feeling that I’ll be able to visit that era and take a peek at the time when I was a boy.

As an adult, he may not want to be seen in his childhood.

  1. What is the theme of the story through all six episodes?

Lupine the 3rd is an adult who is a professional thief. He’s just a thief in the family business and hasn’t inherited it yet. In the first place, I don’t know if he’s the kind of person who would obediently take over after being told to take over. I’m at an age where I hate doing what other people ask me to do. That said, it’s not like I’ll be a junior high school student forever. This story is about a boy, Lupine, who thinks for himself and decides for himself.

  1. Have you ever challenged yourself with “LUPIN ZERO”, which has not been in the series so far?

What an adult Lupine the 3rd cannot do, he is a mysterious man, but I can say for sure now that he will return to being a child.

Despite being a 13-year-old boy, he has a brain that puts adults to shame, but he is not as strong as an adult in physique and physical strength, and he is active with wisdom and ingenuity. Such a story is a feature of “LUPIN ZERO” this time.

When he was a boy, he began to move freely, and as a result, it became an exciting animation to watch. So even if you don’t know much about Lupine the 3rd, you can still enjoy his activities.

Also, I think those who know the adult Lupine the 3rd will enjoy the cute boy Lupine-Kun who was there before he grew up to be an adult.

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