‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ Episode 8 Saki, and Rika, one-touch prompt !?

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The 8th episode synopsis & preceding scene cut of the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend,” which is being broadcast from July 2, 2021 (Friday), has arrived.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is a TV anime based on Hiroyuki’s manga of the same name.

Naoya Mukai, a first-year high school student, confesses to Saki Saki, who has always liked him, and begins dating. However, he was admitted to her love immediately after that by another beautiful girl, Nagisa Minase. The neo-standard romantic comedy starts with a rainy day selection! ︎

Episode 8 will start broadcasting on August 20 (Friday) at 26:25 in the MBS, TBS, BS-TBS “Animism” frame. Synopsis, click here for the preceding scene cut!

Rika, who appears in his classroom to meet Naoya and gives out a little bit, is in a state of promptness with Saki, who tries to pay attention to it.

Naoya, who was watching the situation, though that Saki might be worried, hugged Saki openly in front of everyone in her class.
Saki and Nagisa, who are troubled by Rika, who follows Naoya in the school and, while leaving school, finally lie to Naoya, who has begun to notice Rika’s feelings.

Screenplay: Mayumi Morita / Storyboard: Satoshi Kuwabara / Director: Akinori Onoe / Animation Director: Cerberus, Suwarin Promjutikenon, Chotanan Pipobworachai, Nobuhiro Kashiwagi, Tomokazu Shimabukuro, Yumeryu Shoumeng, Yumenosuke Tokuda, Shinichiro Minami, Yushi Morita, Daikawa Sakakibara

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