If you eat it, life is hard mode. What is the ‘One Piece’ devil fruit you don’t want to eat in everyday life?

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The nationally popular manga “ONE PIECE” (Shueisha) by Eiichiro Oda, who started serializing in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in 1997 and will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its serialization on July 22, 2022. In August, the 4th FILM series, “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, Mr Oda himself is the general producer, is released. There are plenty of hot topics, such as refraining from distributing live-action dramas by Netflix.

A marine adventure fantasy in which the pirate “Straw Hat Pirates” led by the main character Monkey D. Luffy fights hotly over the “One Piece” left by “Pirate King” Gol D. Roger. The ones who add flowers are the “Devil Fruit” abilities who acquire special skills when they eat.

More than 100 types of “Devil Fruit” appeared during the work. Many readers of the battle manga have dreamed of “if I eat the Devil Fruit”, but on the contrary, what is the ability to “do not need this much”? Depending on how you use it, I think all of them can be used in our daily lives. However, there are likely to be some devil fruits that say, “Still, this is all …”. Therefore, in this paper, I would like to verify such an ability that is “absolutely unnecessary” in daily life.

Too scary ability to destroy Zoro’s “Snow Run.”
First of all, the ability of “rust fruit” to instantly rust the metal touched will interfere with daily life. This “Sabi Sabi no Mi” appeared in the episode of “The Ship Waiting for the Wind”, Volume 44, Episode 426. The climax of the “Water Seven” edition, where Luffy and his friends stopped by to repair the damage to the Going Merry ship and search for fellow shipbuilders. The Straw Hat Pirates and the Navy were fighting to rescue Robin and escape the battlefield, Enies Lobby.

The holder of the ability of “Sabi Sabi no Mi” is Colonel Shu of the Navy Headquarters. The famous sword “Yukirun” possessed by the opposing Roronoa Zoro was instantly rusted and destroyed by its ability. By the way, “Yukizuru” is one of the only 50 good works in the world that Zoro received from the owner, Ippon Matsu, at the weapon shop in Rogue Town before entering the Grand Line. In the subsequent episode, “Thriller Bark”, Zoro was so memorable that he did a memorial service for the lost “Yukirun”.

Although it was not drawn in the original, the anime version also shows the ability to rust the human body. The power of “rusty fruit” seems to be of no use in daily life, an extremely dangerous ability to rust objects that touch the hand. Is it helpful when making a fashionable cafe-style signboard with DIY?

Zeon-type that you don’t want to eat in real life, the one you don’t want to eat the most

The next disgraceful “Devil Fruit” I would like to introduce is “Mushimushi Fruit”. It is said that there are three types of “Devil Fruit” in work, “Paramician”, which acquires abilities beyond human intelligence, and “Rogia”, which transforms the body into a natural object itself. And an animal’s own body. It is classified as a “Zeon system” that can be changed to a “Zeon system”, but “Devil Fruit” is classified as a “Zeon system” because it can transform into the shape of an insect. Furthermore, there is a setting called “model” in the “Zoon system”, and “beetle” and “hornet” have appeared in the past as “the fruit of the beetle”.

The ability of the model “beetle” is the captain of the Tontatta yellow cub unit, Cub, who appeared in Volume 72, Episode 718, “King of Riku in the Flower Field”. The ability of the model “Wasp” is Bian, the captain of the Tontatta Pink Bee unit, who also appeared in episode 718.

They were pretty dwarfs, so they had a smiley visual sense, but if a human eats “Mushimushi no Mi”, the appearance is grotesque. It appears in the famous Franz Kafka’s masterpiece “Transformation”. It must be a horrifying thing reminiscent of a “giant insect”.

However, according to the line of the main character, Baki the Grappler, in Keisuke Itagaki’s manga “Baki the Grappler”, “Batter, ground, bite, ferocity, the mantis is the strongest fight. “House”. Although it looks a little grotesque, depending on the model, “Mushimushi no Mi” may have the ability to become a superstar in the martial arts world.

The attack can be avoided, but. the whole body is sticky
The last is the ability of “sticky fruit” possessed by Trebol, the highest executive of the Donquixote Pirates led by Donquixote Doflamingo, the former King of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Trebol is the former boss of the organization that led the former celestial dragon, Doflamingo, to the path of evil.

Trebol can freely fly sticky liquid by the ability of “sticky fruit” and restrain the object or attack it. Moreover, the “sticky fruit” liquid is flammable and has the dangerous property of being explosive.

In “Dresrosa”, it was not damaged even if Usopp’s “Plane Tree Shuriken tore the body”, and it was not damaged by Luffy’s attack wearing armed-coloured supremacy, boasting high defence power. He is neither thrown a shuriken nor attacked by courage in everyday life, so he seems to have too much ability.

It seems that it can be used to help people in an emergency, but this ability is highly inconvenient no matter what you do in your daily life. In addition, Trebol is estranged from his friends even during work, probably because of his ability or personality, and he can imagine a sad fate. It can be said that it is a “devil fruit” that you do not want to eat at Dantotsu.

So far, I have verified the “devil fruit” that I do not want to eat in my daily life, but how was it? Mr Oda himself asked, “Is it true that we will stop serializing” ONE PIECE “in five years?” In the question corner from the readers of the 97th volume of the comic (released in September 2008). The most exciting part is, what is ONE PIECE? The story is complete, so it’s over. ” For the ending, I hope that the attractive “Devil Fruit” will appear as before, but I also hope that the “Devil Fruit” that will make you laugh unintentionally will appear.

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