Is the ‘rubber human’ that appears in popular anime suitable for raising children?

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Parents often get stuck while raising their children, keeping an eye on their children. In such a case, if you have the ability of “rubber human beings” appearing in national animation, childcare will be much faster …? Maru-san posted a delusional manga on Twitter. There were sympathetic comments from moms with the same experience, such as “I understand” and “I thought about its tens of thousands of times.” I heard about the child-rearing of my 3-year-old son from the opportunity to come up with this delusion.

Grinning with sympathy, Please tell us what made you decide to make a manga about “I wonder if you can stretch your arms” that you have been thinking about since the newborn period. [Maru-san] My son is three years old now, but I’ve been thinking about it almost every day since my newborn baby. I wonder if I can stretch my arms. As you can see in the manga, childcare, and housework will be much easier if you grow up. [Maru-san] Above all, it’s hard to throw away the garbage in the morning. I wish I could reach the garbage dump just by reaching out from the window. This is a manga I thought about while going to dump garbage in the morning. There was a lot of sympathy in the comments, such as “I was thinking about the same thing.” How did your followers feel about the other abilities you wanted? [Maru-san] That’s right! I was grinning. I’m happy to sympathize with you. When I sympathize with him, he says, “Oh, I’m not the only one. Everyone is having a hard time.”

It’s just fun to draw. There is a lot of “awareness” in living with
children ――I think you are busy with childcare and work every day, but please tell us why you are sending out childcare manga and illustrations. [Maru-san] I have a lot of stress relief, I like drawing, and above all, I’m glad that you can sympathize with me. When I live with my son with a developmental disability, I get many things I want him to see, such as “Is this there?” ――It’s time to take a break. When is the manga drawn? [Maru-san] It’s when I have time to sleep at night or when I work from home. Or, when I can’t help drawing it, I attach my son’s favorite animation and draw it while focusing on it. ――There are many posts that you sympathize with, but please tell me how to decide the manga content. [Maru-san] When I live with my children, there are a lot of things that are “aware” or “something,” so I wrote down that I think this is easy to make into a manga. ――Are there any things you keep in mind when drawing your work? [Maru-san] I try not to make the sentences too long. I wonder if it should be easy to understand even at a glance … I don’t know if it’s done! After that, I am careful not to make strange misunderstandings so that the viewer does not become anxious.

“Otaku time is important” to balance childcare and work.

Are there any things you keep in mind while raising children? [ Maru-san ] Children are essential, but “I also value myself!” It’s nice to make it look objective when making it into a manga, so don’t hurt yourself down for children. So that’s it. Would you mind telling us what you are enjoying with your parents now? [Maru-san] I’m going out. I will go to a place where parents and children can enjoy themselves, considering when they avoid the crowds. I want to go on a trip when Corona calms down. I’m looking forward to it. When will Maru-san be healed? [Maru-san] It’s a time when you’re watching anime and manga and talking with friends about otaku! It’s overwhelmingly fun. Sometimes I can’t do my best at work or raising children without this time. Finally, please tell us your future goals. [Maru-san] I’m currently working as a freelance designer, but I hope I can connect with the work of illustration. The result of the image has been a dream for a long time, but I have hardly done it. In the future, I would like to continue drawing every day and send out a lot.

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