‘Paripi Komei’ special event will be held & album released!

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A special event, “Singing ♪ Party Time!” It will be held for the TV anime “Ya Boy Kongming!” Which is being broadcast from April 5, 2022 (Tuesday). In addition, the “Paripi Komei” MEGAMORI album, which contains the hottest insert songs, will be released on July 27.

The original TV anime “Ya Boy Kongming!” It will be serialized in 2019 on the manga app and webcomic distribution site “Comic DAYS,” operated by Kodansha. In 2020, it won the “Next Manga Award” and the “U-NEXT Award” in the Web manga category and became a hot topic. Featured manga with.

Zhuge Liang, a hero of the Three Kingdoms and a genius warrior, reincarnated in Shibuya. As a warrior to fulfill the dream of the fledgling artist Eiko Tsukimi who met there, it is a story that depicts the appearance of innovating the music scene with Eiko.

While this work, which has been overwhelming in the spring animation, is accelerating toward the final episode, a special event for the TV anime “Ya Boy Kongming! Is decided!

To apply for this event, the serial code for the special advance reception for the lottery will be included in the first Blu-ray of “Paripi Komei” to be released on Saturday, June 25, from 18:00 to 7 on Wednesday, June 29. The application will be made at 23:59 on Sunday, March 17.

This event will feature a gorgeous cast of Kaede Hondo as the main character, Eiko Tsukimi, Ryotaro Okiayu, Zhuge Liang, and Shoya Chiba as the KABE Tajin Hibiku Yamamura as the role of Nanami Kuon, and Jun Fukushima as the owner Kobayashi. Decision. In addition, 96 Neko, who sings Eiko, and Lezel, who sings Eiko’s best friend Nanami, will also appear, and it is full of hot songs that are indispensable for “Ya Boy Kongming!”! Please look forward to the long-awaited event delivered!

And this time, it is decided that the album “TV anime” Ya Boy Kongming “MEGAMORI” contains the insert song of the TV anime “Ya Boy Kongming!” It will be released!

The songs include popular songs such as “Be Crazy For Me,” “Shooting Star,” and “UNDERWORLD,” which have exceeded 3.45 million YouTube views (* the number at the time of release distribution).

In addition, the jacket drawn by PAWORKS has also been lifted, making it an album suitable for the title MEGAMORI.

In addition, the recorded songs will be announced every time they are released in the central part of the animation so that it will be a coveted album for “Ya Boy Kongming” fans.

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