KLab Acquires Online Game Rights for Anime ‘Hiroaka’ Worldwide Except for Mainland China

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KLab Inc., which plans, develops, and provides mobile online games, announced on November 7th that it has acquired the rights to make the TV anime “My Hero Academia” series into online games worldwide, excluding mainland China.

Utilizing the know-how that the company has cultivated in game development and distribution so far, it aims to provide games that can be enjoyed by fans of the work and players worldwide. Future development progress will be announced as needed.

The anime “My Hero Academia, “which started its first season in 2016, is based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, which has sold over 65 million copies worldwide.

Set in a world where people have supernatural powers called “individuality,” Deku, the main character who inherited the personality from No. 1 hero All Might, grows up with his friends in Class 1A of the hero department of Ouei High School.

In the 6th season, which is currently being broadcast, the “All-Out War Edition” is being developed, in which Deku and Shigaraki, heroes and enemies (villains), clash violently.

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