‘PUI PUI Moruka’ new series, Blu-ray & DVD release decision

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From today (8th), the new series “PUI PUI Moluka DRIVING SCHOOL” “PUI PUI Moluka” started broadcasting on Tokyo TV (every Saturday before 7:00 *in “Iniminimanimo”). In the new series, the stage will be moved to a driving school, and new encounters of Molkers, bonds with drivers, trials, etc., will be drawn.

The Blu-ray & DVD release of the same work has been decided. Reservation acceptance has started. The Blu-ray (limited quantity production) has unique benefits that allow you to enjoy the world of “PUI PUI Molcar DRIVING SCHOOL,” such as the making-of video (narration: Tsumugi & Paimutan) and “Asaki Misato x Hana Ono Talk Interview Video.” arrive. Both Blu-ray and DVD will be released on February 24, 2023.

“PUI PUI Molcar” is set in a world where guinea pigs have become cars. It has big round buttocks, big round buttocks, and short limbs that run around. Molcar is a soothing car that constantly runs around with a blank face. Focusing on various situations unique to cars, there is healing, friendship, adventure, and chaotic action. A stop motion animation created by photographing a character made of wool felt. The voice actors are actual guinea pigs.

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