R.I.P. Kissanime and Kissmanga took down by Japan stricter copyright law

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KissAnime and KissManga are taken down forever due to copyright strikes!

Due to Japan’s Strict Copyright law, beta servers of KissAnime And KissManga are taken down. Soon, more pirate sites will be taken down.

KissAnime today announced on thier discord server “All files are taken down by copyright owners. KissAnime and KissManga will be closed forever. Thank you for the support, Thank you to these years”

Japan updated thier copyright laws this year to punish people who illegally download/distribute Anime and Manga.

More bad news regarding pirate sites being taken down will be coming, as penalty for operating these illegal sites is 5 years in jail or fine of 5 million yen or both.

According to the circulating post via Facebook which includes a screenshot of Kissanime’s official Discord server stating the announcement regarding the closure of their website, they revealed that all the files and the web beta server were taken down by the copyright owners resulting to their decision to close the website forever.

“Our beta server has been taken down, this could lead to the closure of the website. We will make more announcements after we have the decision”, Kissanime Support’s announced at 6:19 AM JST.

Shutting Down KissAnime was only the beginning!

Japan’s Revised Stricter Copyright Law, which prohibits

1- Downloading illegally uploaded Anime, Manga or Film.
2- Providing or Pasting links to illegal websites or content
3- Operating illegal anime sites

will be implemented next year, starting from January 1st, 2021. This will allow relative department to take action against illegal pirate websites more effectively.

As a result, more and more pirate websites will be shutting down sooner than we think.

Many people saying you can still watch Anime on Kissanime2.ws

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