‘Saint Seiya’ and ‘Naruto’ genealogy was inherited by ‘Kimetsu’ Umeda Tengen and was born from the Japanese animation ‘Efficiency.’

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Masami Kurumada’s manga “Saint Seiya” began serializing in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) in December 1985. The idea that the royal road and the novelty are combined is overwhelming for boy readers, such as a fantasy-colored story with a Greek myth as a motif, a sacred garment (cross) worn by the main characters, Seiya, and a special move that explodes and shoots a microcosm (Cosmo). It is a famous work that started broadcasting TV animation less than a year after its serialization.

Shingo Araki, who was the character designer and animation director, boldly arranged the visuals by adding shojo manga-like coloring to the character of Kurumada manga, which was very popular with boy readers. Mr. Kurumada’s character may be based on beautiful shapes in the first place, and as soon as this matched perfectly and the broadcast started, he grabbed the hearts of women at once. The design of the sacred clothes was also changed from the slightly rugged manga version to the elegant armor, and the original arrangement so far in the famous work was a breakthrough that was hard to see.

“Saint Seiya Run” devised by Shingo Araki
In such a blockbuster anime, “Saint Seiya,” Mr. Araki has created a unique sprinting depiction called “Saint Seiya” by fans.

Saint Seiya running is a V-shaped extension of both hands to the rear, and the upper body is fixed in a forward-leaning posture. It is a running method that moves only the legs quickly and runs, and it becomes an original animation expression that was never in the original. In the anime version of “Saint Seiya,” not only Saint Seiya but also enemy warriors ran through everywhere in this form. In addition to the sense of speed transmitted through the screen, this is a very nice-looking form in animation with many bird’s-eye views, and it was inserted frequently during the work, and the impact on the viewer was outstanding.

This Saint Seiya run changed the picture of just running into action full of Keren taste. Araki replied in an interview with “Figure King” (World Photo Press) No. 109 that the prototype is in the nostalgic anime “8 Man” (1963).

There, “I didn’t move my upper body at all. I just moved my legs. I think it’s a method to reduce the animator’s effort, but the running was somewhat very effective. Only my legs moved. There was a sense of speed in being there, “he said.

“Naruto Run” and other Saint Seiya runs inherited by famous works.

Speaking of “8 Man” broadcast in 1963, TV was still monochrome, and anime was called TV manga. The number of videos was incomparably smaller than now, and anime was like a manga you see on TV. Therefore, Mr. Araki evolved the Eightman’s run made by his predecessors as “Saint Seiya Run” uniquely.

Twenty-three years after “Eightman,” Saint Seiya’s evolution was revived as “Naruto” in the TV anime “NARUTO” in 2002, 16 years later. It is also called “Ninja Run” after Naruto, Shinobi, and will be in the limelight again. Many people may say that they imitated their childhood, which may be the younger generation’s name.

Because it is a ninja that foreigners love, “NARUTO” is very popular in the United States. An event called “Naruto Running Challenge” has been held in various places, and in 2019, the Area 51 rush event that one fan called on Facebook has caused a bit of turmoil involving the US military.

The crashed UFO is stored in the US military’s top-secret military facility are 51 located in the desert of Nevada, and it is whispered that aliens are also protected. This event is “whether there are aliens in Area 51, let’s rush in with Naruto and uncover”, and the number of participants increased to 1 million and 2 million in a blink of an eye, and it was intended as a joke. The planner hurriedly declared withdrawal. After all, it was said that only about 70 people gathered on the day of the event, but it is a nuisance to dispatch local police. I wouldn’t know that such a fuss takes up the name “NARUTO,” but I’m happy that the work is loved with that amount of heat.

In addition, saint running has been used as a unique high-speed running method by the students of Alia Gakuen in “Inazuma Eleven” broadcasted from 2008, and in the animation “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen,” which reached the final episode the other day. The sound pillar, Inazuma Eleven, is also printed in this way. Uzu is the origin of Motonobu. If so, maybe the animator had a promise. The Saint Seiya run devised by Mr. Araki was inherited in the current animation in this way, and it can be said that this is proof of how advanced the depiction created 36 years ago was.

“Esmeralda Run” that surprised the viewers of “Saint Seiya”
By the way, in the anime “Saint Seiya,” there is also a so-called “Esmeralda Run” that surprised the viewers in another sense. This is in the 15th episode, “Ikki Ikki! Ikki’s Mystery,” which depicts the past of Phoenix Ikki and his training era on Sequin Island.

Seiya and his friends were sent to training places worldwide to become Saints. Sequin Island, where Ikki practiced, was located just below the equator and was a scorching hell island where the rain of fire spewed out by active volcanoes poured all year round. Due to the fierce training from his master, Ikki, who lived in the days of hell, became the only soothing partner for Esmeralda, a gentle girl with a similar appearance to his younger brother, Shun.

However, a tragedy occurs during the final confrontation with her master, who bet on the Phoenix’s sacred garment. Ikki dodges the fist hit by her master with a single sheet of paper, but the shock wave of the blow pierces her chest of Esmeralda, who was watching the battle between the two behind. Esmeralda dyes her clothes with flowing blood and collapses while shouting Ikki’s name. Ikki also rushes while calling her name … Next is the sudden appearance of Ikki dancing a strange dance while yelling “Esmeral Daa ~~~.”

This scene considerably differs from the severe flow of a moment ago. If you look at it again, there is no doubt that you are trying to run up, but by all means, you can only think that you are stepping on Jidan Da on the spot. Moreover, he is moving his right arm and right foot and left arm and left foot simultaneously, and for some reason, both hands are holding forward. Is this humorous man really that Ikki? This scene that left a strong impact was named after Ikki, who shouted her name, and after that, it will be handed down among fans as “Esmeralda running.” was.

Even so, who thought what and made Ikki dance a strange dance with such a choreography? It is believed that it was a failure of the poor video man, and I would like to add here that the staff of episode 15 does not have Mr. Araki’s name.

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