Screening of 10 ultimate animations and short stories created by an illusionary magician. Unique feature ‘Czech Fantasy Zeman!’ Trailer

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A trailer of “Czech Fantasy Zeman!” will be held at Shinjuku K’s cinema from April 23, showing ten masterpieces (+ 1 short film) from the early days of Czech animation master Karel Zeman.

Zeman, one of the founders of Czech animation, who had a significant influence on Steven Spielberg, Hayao Miyazaki, George Lucas, Peter Jackson and others, was the birthplace of Czech energy during World War II. Started animation production based in Zlín. While he has a solid attachment to puppet theatre, a Czech tradition, he has produced many novel works that use various styles such as kirigami animation, puppet animation, and live-action and animation composition. The world drawn by Zeman is reminiscent of a science fiction adventure novel in which fascinating vehicles and animals such as submarines, airships, dinosaurs and fictional animals appear one after another, like Jules Berne’s novel that was absorbed in his childhood. It’s characteristic.

In the unique feature, there are ten works, including Jules Verne’s ” Invention of the Devil ” and “The Stolen Airship “, as well as Zeman’s fantasy masterpiece “The Fabulous Baron’s Adventure “, which is a combination of animation and live-action based on G. Bürger’s original work. And the short film “Mr Prokoku Movie Production Volume” is lined up. You can see his poetic and romantic masterpieces from his early years to his later years.

In the trailer, you can enjoy a part of the kaleidoscope-like work expression that combines animation and live-action, centring on ” Invention of the Devil, ” “The Stolen Airship, ” and ” Club art .” Now that CG has developed and realistic visual expression has become possible, the playfulness of a boy full of analogue originality and the abundance of overflowing imagination will be reflected freshly.

“Czech Fantasy Zeman!” It will be held at Shinjuku K’s cinema from April 23 to May 6.

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