‘Shinkalion Z’ Episode 17 Arashiyama Ginga Anime First Appearance

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The TV anime ” Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z,” which is being broadcast from April 9 ​​(Friday), has been released with a synopsis and preceding cut of the 17th episode.

The “Shinkansen Deformation Robot Shinkalion” series depicts the Shinkansen transforming robot “Shinkalion” and its drivers. The latest work, “Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z (Zet),” is broadcast on TV Tokyo’s 6-station network from April 9, 2021, every Friday at 7:25. Episode 17, “Glittering Shinkalion Z 500 Kodama,” will be broadcast on Friday, August 20. This time, “Shinkalion Z 500 Kodama”, which is a modified version of the Shinkansen 500 series, and its driver, Arashiyama Ginga (CV: Shota Aoi ), will appear for the first time in the anime

On the other hand, “Shinkalion Z E5 Hayabusa ” will be given to my sister and mother. Shin was confused when he was a driver. What action did he take to understand his family …? In the scene photo, you can see Arashiyama Ginga deciding the pose. And the appearance of Hosokawa, a mechanic of the Omiya branch of the Shinkansen Super Evolution Research Institute, was assigned a particular task. Check out Hosokawa, who looks handsome. Shin invites them to the “Vehicle Paint Event” in Yokokawa’s Railway Culture Village to understand what they are doing.

The families of Hanabi and Taiju and the staff of the Omiya branch also came to the railway culture unevenness. Around that time, Hosokawa was assigned a special mission by the island. That is a severe mission regarding the Z union of “Shinkalion Z 500 Kodama” of the Kyoto branch …? (C) Project Shinkalion / JR-HECWK / Super Evolution Research Institute Z / TX.

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