The No. 1 girl band ranking of your favorite “BanG Dream!” Has been decided!

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From May 17th to May 30th, 2021, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “What do you like most about the girl’s band of ” BanG Dream! ” We received a total of 4886 votes. Thank you for all the votes!

Next-generation girls band project “BanG Dream!” That develops various media mixes such as

Anime, games, and real-live. Which band was the most popular among them? Let’s see the result immediately. (Survey period: May 17th to May 30th, 2021, valid responses: 4886 votes, question: “BanG Dream!” Girls band, what do you like the most?)

  1. Poppin’Party
    The second place was ” Poppin’Party. ” The number of votes received was 804, which was 16.5% of the total. It is a band that is the main axis of “BanG Dream!”, Composed of Hanasakigawa Girls’ Academy High School members, and is also active as a real band. Formed around Kasumi Toyama, a guitar vocalist looking for “glitter” and “pounding,” the band’s taste is also finished in a glittering atmosphere. The songs are pop and bright, and the lyrics with a strong message are attractive. Comments such as “I like singing together. It feels like a girl’s band.”
  2. Roselia
    The first place was “Roselia.” The number of votes received was 1612, which was 33% of the total. It shined in 1st place, far behind 2nd place and below. The band is attractive for its dark atmosphere and serious tunes, and it is an orthodox school with high-performance skills among the bands appearing in work. Original songs are sung with the high singing ability and cover songs such as “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” are popular. “Roselia is by far the best in both real and anime !!” “Roselia’s strongest myth does not collapse,” and it gained a lot of popularity in the comment section.
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