The anime theater on Sunday, June 20th will be a two-pronged ‘Kochikame’ TV SP and ‘Typhoon Noruda’

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Osamu Akimoto and animation by the original “This Katsushika Ward Kameari park before police TV Special Bakusou train! Abashiri to Tokyo! Ryotsu VS Kenpo Peek-a-Boo-san!”, The movie “of the typhoon Noruda ” is BS12 Tuerubi in the “Sunday animation theater” of 6 It will be broadcast on the 20th of March.

“This is Katsushika Ward Kameari Koenmae Police Station TV Special Bombing Train! From Amisato to Tokyo In “Ryotsu VS Kenpo Ba-san!”, Ryotsu will be in charge of escorting Sakura Kamijo, a prisoner of Amisato, Hokkaido. Around the time when Ryotsu was being swayed by the musician Sakura, there was a criminal notice in Tokyo that an explosion would occur in Marunouchi. “Typhoon Noruda,” which will be broadcast from 20:20, is an animation movie released in 2015 that was produced by Studio Colorido. Set in a junior high school on a remote island where one of the largest typhoons in the history of observation is approaching, the story unfolds from the encounter between a mysterious girl, Nolda, and Higashi, who had a fight with her best friend Saijo after quitting baseball.

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