July’s ‘Anime 26’ is also a super strong lineup! Featured works such as ‘Garpan’ and ‘New Tenipuri’ will be broadcast one after another.

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Anime frame “Anime 26” (BS12 Twelve) broadcasts old and new masterpieces and topical works every Monday to Friday from 2:00 midnight. In addition to simply rebroadcasting the TV series, TV specials, OVAs, etc., have also been broadcast, and from July, four new works such as “Girls & Panzer” and “New Prince of Tennis” will start.

The TV special of “Kameari Koenmae Hakkosho, Katsushika Ward,” which is being broadcast every Wednesday at midnight, and every Friday at midnight “Anime 26” is also a hot topic 1980s Sunrise Real Robot Anime works. As for the newly broadcasted works, a lineup of popular pieces that are not inferior in the future. From 2:30 midnight on July 1 (Thursday), the second series, “Ecstatic Family 2,” depicting a hairball picture scroll swirling with people’s thoughts, raccoon dogs, and tengu, will be aired the town of Kyoto. From 2:00 midnight on July 5 (Friday), “Girls und Panzer,” which depicts the youth of high school girls who are busy with the martial arts “Tank Road” using tanks, will be fully released. July 6 (Tuesday) midnight, Ishin Nishio broadcasting continues with “handsome youth Tanteidan” that the original a “teenager” series of, the animated series the second installment of the popular cartoon “New Prince of Tennis.” A powerful title will color the summer nights of anime fans. It starts on Thursday, July 1, “The Eccentric Family 2.”

The second series of animated novels of the same name by Tomihiko Morimi. The Shimogamo family lives in Tadasu-no-Mori, Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto. The four brothers, who inherited the blood of their late father, Soichiro, who was the head of the raccoon dog world, lived happily around Takarazuka’s mother. At that time, Mr. AkatamaThe second generation, who was defeated and disappeared after a fierce parent-child quarrel, became a British gentleman and returned to Japan for the first time in 100 years. Great discoloration. Excellent place. Astonished. The big news that shakes the tengu world and the raccoon dog world spread to Rakuchu Rakuchu in a blink of an eye.

Start on July 5 (Monday), “Girls und Panzer,” A world where the martial arts “tank road” using tanks is regarded as ” Yamato nadeshiko ‘s taste” along with flower arrangement and tea ceremony. A transfer student, Miho Nishizumi, has arrived at the prefectural Oarai Girls’ Academy. Miho, who hates tank roads, chose Oarai girls who don’t have tank roads. However, Miho is called by the student council president as soon as he transfers to another school and is forced to select a tank road as a compulsory elective course and participate in the national tank road tournament. Moreover, the members who gathered are all individualists. Will Mihono’s small wish come true, dreaming of “a high school life with friends”?

Start on July 6 (Tuesday) “Pretty Boy Detective Club” Hitomi Hitomi, who was looking at the stars on the roof of a private ring school, continued to search for the stars she saw only once ten years ago. One day, Meimi meets a mysterious boy, Futatsuin Gaku, and is taken to the school to visit the office of the mysterious group “Bishonen Detectives” in the school. There, Meimi met five unique boys. She asks the detective team to “search for stars,” but the encounter with them makes a big move in the search for stars for ten years in Miami.

It starts on July 6 (Tuesday), “New Prince of Tennis,” The second series of animated popular manga. The stage for this season is the U-17 Japan National Team camp. For the first time, junior high school students were convened at the training camp to train top players in the Japanese tennis world. Seigaku, who won the national championship, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhoji, and other rivals who fought fierce battles at the national tournament, enthusiastically attended the training camp after a long absence.

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